Ego |ˈēgō| noun

A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

 Hypocritical |hiˈpäkrisē| noun

The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform.

Logic |ˈläjik| noun

Reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.

Redline |ˈredˌlīn| verb

The use of red as a limit marker.

 In The Great War—World War I–chemical weapons were designed to kill or remove combatants from the battlefield. They killed over 88 thousand and another 1.2 million were non-fatal causalities. Of the non-fatally wounded a large number had their lives shortened because of the effects of the gas on their lungs. In 1925 The Geneva Protocol Treaty was signed outlawing the use of chemical weapons.

The United States now sits on the edge of starting World War III because it’s leader made a foolish threat about chemical weapons and a “Redline” in reference to the war in Syria. During his Presidency he has shown very little leadership. The perfect man do makes no mistakes. Understand that by doing nothing you cannot make a mistake. This administration has not made mistakes. To date everything wrong has been the fault of President Bush, Congress or the Republicans.

President Obama is well educated and a fantastic speaker but is at a loss in governing. He does not seem comfortable dealing with anyone equal or superior. A member of Congress once complained that when you go to the White House for a meeting, all he does is lecture you. The President is not used to being debated, questioned or challenged. He is the Harvard-NYU educated, community organizer and visiting professor. He decides you comply. His attitude seems to be, “My way or the highway.”

When he was elected he was going to bring peace throughout the world. He would close the prison at the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay. He went to the Middle East to show that we were their friends. “Peace Throughout the Land” would rein. Just after getting into office he was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Just over a year ago, President Obama made an “Off the cuff” remark about Syria, chemical weapons and the “Redline.” It was an impromptu remark, made by a narcissistic megalomaniac at a press conference verbally inflating his ego.

It is 2013, just over five years as President and what has happened? We are about to attack a country that is involved in a civil war, a country that is no threat to the security of the United States. And of the two parties involved in this civil war, their are no “Good Guys.” Both, by our standards, are the bad guys. Neither has the moral high ground.

Sarin gas was used in the civil war in Syria. The redline comment was then questioned. Instead of waiting and getting all of the facts about the incident he beat the war drums. He made preparation for a simple skirmish with a small dictator. He had the Navy move into position to launch missiles. He indirectly told the press and the enemy that it was going to be a short strike, just a few days and no invasion. We were ready to go and teach these people not to cross his “Redline.”

Parliament debated. During the debate The Prime Minister and MPs decried the use of gas or chemical weapons, the referenced the “Great War”. They spoke of the horrific causalities. Chemical weapons killed over 88 thousand and another 1.2 million were non-fatal causalities. Of the non-fatally wounded a large number had their lives shortened because of the effects of the gas on their lungs. Chemical weapons were outlawed after The Great War in 1925 by The Geneva Protocol Treaty. Almost after the war, chemical weapons were used by some of the major powers against their colonies. Then after much debate, Parliament voted not to support The President.

Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech on why we must retaliate against Syria. He used the terms “Unspeakable crimes” “Women and children”. He explained why the UN could not do anything. That 1,429 had died in the attack, about a third of them were children. He dropped the first shoe saying that we were going it alone.

The next day President Obama addressed the country from the Rose Garden stating that he will not act without the approval of Congress. The White House released the unclassified assessment of the attack. It does state that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on a small scale against the opposition a number of times in the past year. It also assesses that the opposition has not used chemical weapons. Other than that it does not say anything more than the Secretary of State said.

After the President’s speech Secretary of State John Kerry stated that The President has the right to strike regardless of the Congressional vote.

To review the situation;

We are about to go to war because of The Geneva Protocol Treaty. The White House assessment states, “We assess with high confidence that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale against the opposition multiple times in the last year…” The British Prime Minister stated in a speech to Parliament on August 29, 2013 that the number was 14. A number of questions must be answered. How are we to have confidence in this report after we were deceived on the Benghazi attack that was caused by a DVD? From the White house assessment the Redline was crossed a long time ago.

Both The President and The Secretary of State should explain to both Congress and the people “Why Now?” The President was not in the Senate when the vote was taken to attack Iraq but has stated he would have voted against it. The Secretary of State voted for the resolution but then voted against funding it. At that time it is estimated that Saddam Hussein had killed over 10,000 Kurds with chemical weapons in the Al-Anfal Campaign. They were against it then but for it now!

The number killed by the attack in Syria was 1,429 of that 426 were children. Overall in this civil war 100,000 to 120,000 have died. An estimated 1.2 million have been displaced. The people of Syria are suffering and dying from bullets, bombs, torture and chemical weapons. Why are we interceding now and not two years ago? We are attacking Syria for the 1,429 victims of this gas attack. Yet we have done nothing for the victims of the 13 other gas attacks, nor the over one hundred thousand killed in this war. Logic and reason are defied in this administration’s logic.

We are about to enter into a conflict that could set the entire Middle East on fire. To the President it may be just a quick small attack. Nothing major no real damage. Just like Mom slapping your hand when she caught it in the cookie jar. In 1914 tensions were high among the countries of Europe but it must be remembered the immediate cause was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria that caused The Great War. The total deaths military and civilian were approximately 16.5 million.

Today we are faced with the prospect of starting a war that could engulf the entire Middle East and more. Both superpowers are involved, on opposite sides. States in the area have chosen sides. Russia has sided with Syria, moving a spy ship into the area. China is backing Syria from the sidelines.

This is all because an illogical, egocentric, hypocritical, community organizer drew a Redline. With the Redline, without the ego, The President could have demanded the UN to resolve the problem. But it had to be “Me.”