In Egypt, Qatari owned broadcaster Al Jazeera is under scrutiny for subversion. Accuracy in Media (AIM) has been monitoring the anti-American channel for six years and affirms that Al Jazeera works hand-in-glove with the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated terrorist groups, al Qaeda and Hamas. Of late, Al Jazeera has become more forthcoming about its work as a foreign policy proxy of Qatar, which includes supporting al Qaeda-linked terrorists in Syria.

According to The Muslim Brotherhood’s website, Al Jazeera is “the greatest Arab media organization.” At its inception, the news channel was known for airing al Qaeda videos, which resulted in a conviction for one of its correspondents. The correspondent was convicted for being an agent of al Qaeda.

But, during the recent protests against former President Morsi, several Al Jazeera employees quit due to Al Jazeera’s bias towards the Muslim Brotherhood and its coverage of Egypt.

Al Jazeera correspondent, Haggag Salama, resigned and accused the station of “airing lies and misleading viewers.” Then too, Al Arabiya reports that Al Jazeera anchor, Karem Mahmoud, explained that he left because of the channel’s editorial line over recent events in Egypt. “I felt that there were errors in the way the coverage was done, especially that now in Egypt we are going through a critical phase that requires a lot of auditing in terms of what gets broadcasted.” Mahmoud added that his “colleagues have also resigned for the same reason.”

Additionally, author and journalist Abdel Latif el-Menawy, who headed the Egypt News Center under ex-president Hosni Mubarak, has also described Al Jazeera as a “propaganda channel” for the Muslim Brotherhood. “Al Jazeera turned itself into a channel for the Muslim Brotherhood group,” el-Menawy told Al Arabiya. “They are far away from being professional. When the Muslim Brotherhood collapsed, they continued to play the role.”

Earlier in the year, Ghaffar Hussain, contributing editor to The Commentator wrote, “Since the Muslim Brotherhood has come to power in Egypt, Al Jazeera has done all in its power to portray the group in a favourable light. Protests against the Brotherhood-dominated regime are presented as being led by violent thugs with no political grievances, while Morsi’s poorly constructed and shallow speeches are given positive coverage.”

In addition to those who resigned, some Al Jazeera employees were arrested by security forces. Military sources accused the channel of broadcasting “incitement,” according to Al Arabiya.

AIM provides another example of Al Jazeera English’s pro-Islamist programming, citing its sympathetic coverage of terrorist leaders from Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), whose symbol is an AK-47 rifle and a black flag rising from the globe.

The New York Times reported on a news conference held by the Egyptian military in which video footage of handguns, tear gas grenades and bottles of whiskey that soldiers had found in the Islamists’ tents was shown. The Times added: “As the conference began, a crowd of Egyptian journalists demanded that a television crew from Al Jazeera leave. Most Egyptian journalists in both the state and private media believe that Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab network owned by the government of Qatar, sympathizes with the Muslim Brotherhood. ‘We are in Egypt, the country of democracy,’ Mr. Abdel Lateef, the police spokesman, said to raucous cheers as the crew left.”

Al Jazeera’s plans for the US include opening 12 new bureaus in various locations across the U.S. The goal of the news outlet’s aggressive expansion is to become a household name in America.

The launch of the new bureaus will begin in August. In addition to expansion in New York City, bureaus will open in Nashville, Denver, New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Seattle, Detroit and Washington, D.C.

Al Jazeera has 70 divisions around the world and has been criticized for being a propaganda tool. The network is partially backed by a grant from the Qatari government–which is a contributor to Hamas, in Gaza. The owner of Al Jazeera, the emir of Qatar, has donated 400 million dollars to Hamas, a State Department designated terrorist group.

During an October 2012 visit by Qatari emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani to the southern Gaza strip, the emir agreed to an investment of $400 million to rebuild the Gaza Strip which sustained damage during Operation: Cast Lead, between Israel and Gaza terrorist groups in 2008. “The emir agreed to increase Qatari investment from $254 million to $400 million,” Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya announced during a press conference. “Today we demolish the wall of the blockade through this visit, thank you Qatar,” he added.

Several U.S. representatives have initiated a campaign which asks fellow members of Congress to sign a letter asking Qatar’s ambassador to the U.S., Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Rumaihi, to address “serious allegations” regarding Qatar’s relationship with Hamas, the JNS news agency reported.

James Simpson, in a RedState article, provides more examples of Al Jazeera’s anti-American propaganda and terrorist connections. A few highlights:


  • Film footage of captured terrorists in Iraq demonstrates intent; they arrived to kill Americans because of Al Jazeera.
  • NBC’s Lisa Myers, in an article, wrote: “Why do they go? Saudis captured in Iraq say it’s because of pictures on Arab television network Al-Jazeera. We saw the Americans massacring the Iraqis,” said one Saudi prisoner in Iraq…”
  • According to CNN, a document found in bin Laden’s compound following his death referred to a meeting with the Al Jazeera bureau chief in Pakistan.
  • 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was protected by the government of Qatar, which funds Al Jazeera.

The Weekly Standard reports that Al Jazeera will have the honor of broadcasting from the Newseum, “a venue meant to showcase the glories of a free press, not the advantages of Arab oil wealth. Operating as a tax-exempt public charity, built at a cost of $475 million and opened in 2008, the Newseum is located on prime Washington real estate just blocks from the White House and Capitol.”

The Weekly Standard elaborates:

“Giants of the American news industry contributed millions to help create this place. Plastered throughout its premises are the names of such patrons as Hearst, the New York Times, Bloomberg, News Corporation, ABC, and NBC. The studio Al Jazeera is now refurbishing to its taste is named for the Knight Foundation, a legacy of the Knight Newspapers empire. Until recently, it was home to ABC’s This Week, with George Stephanopoulos.

Al Jazeera is not the only topic on which the Newseum has made troubling decisions lately. This spring, the Newseum included in its memorial to fallen journalists the names of two men killed in Gaza last year while working under the auspices of Al Aqsa Television, Mahmoud al-Kumi and Hussam Salama. Al Aqsa TV has been blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury since 2010 as ‘financed and controlled by Hamas.’ Treasury noted that Al Aqsa ‘airs programs and music videos designed to recruit children to become Hamas armed fighters and suicide bombers upon reaching adulthood.’

When the Hamas names provoked protest, the Newseum erased them from its online roster of fallen journalists, but not from its in-house exhibit. They remain etched in the glass panels of the memorial, alongside such names as Daniel Pearl. Nearby is a quote from Hillary Clinton, ‘The men and women of this memorial are truly democracy’s heroes.’”

Lebanon’s Al Manar TV has already been banned from the U.S. because it was found to be part of Hezbollah. So, in the same way, a hearing should have been held to determine if Al Jazeera should be banned due to its obvious ties to terrorism. Keep in mind, Al-Jazeera was the voice piece of Osama bin Laden. And, though we are not at war with Qatar, we are at war with the jihadists being supported by Qatar.

What needs to be investigated is why Al Jazeera’s broadcasts in the U.S. aren’t treated by cable and satellite providers as foreign propaganda under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Also in question is why public television stations are turning their broadcast time over to Al Jazeera and other foreign channels, in violation of Federal Communications Commission rules. Additionally, the deal bringing Al Jazeera into the U.S. was not reported to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) of the Treasury Department, which is a violation of the law.

Inasmuch as these are significant concerns, it did not persuade Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), to call for investigation of Al Jazeera. Citing the First Amendment, Scalise said that Al Jazeera has the right to expand its broadcasts in the United States and that there are no grounds for a congressional investigation of Al Gore’s deal with Al Jazeera.

In the U.S., it is against the law to provide material support to terrorists, with “material support” defined as including expert advice or assistance and communications equipment. Consider the fact that during World War II, Tokyo Rose along with Axis Sally broadcast anti-American diatribes from overseas but were apprehended by U.S. authorities after the war, charged with treason and sent to prison. Similarly, the U.S. is officially still at war with global terrorism, but Al Gore provided supporter of terrorism, Al Jazeera, an opportunity to continue its campaign of anti-American, pro-jihadists propaganda on American soil.

According to AIM, a complaint has been filed with the Department of Justice but no action has been taken on it. And, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey has asserted that Al Jazeera’s purchase of Al Gore’s Current TV should be the subject of a congressional inquiry because of the channel’s foreign sponsorship.

AIM urges people to “pick up the phone and call now the House Homeland Security Committee office at (202) 226-8417. Ask for hearings into Al Jazeera. Tell them that the chairman has to act, for the good of the country, because Al Jazeera is a homeland security threat.”