The disrespect exhibited more and more in the “Hall of the
Mountain King” in the east is far beyond what one would expect in
a civilized, elected, representative government.  The contempt of
many in appointed positions, who wield unprecedented power and
seem to answer to no one, is more than alarming.  It’s scary!
The reckless and lawless actions taken by officials of the IRS to
suppress legitimate organizations seeking non-political tax-free
status, thereby denying them the ability to raise capital to give
voice to “right to life;” “clean voter lists;” “right to bear
arms,” and “traditional values,”  etc., are in direct violation
of the first and second amendments to the Constitution and the
laws regulating non-profit organizations.  In regard to Amendment
I: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging
the freedom of speech…”  It seems that the governing power of
the Congress has been preempted by the non-elected shadows and
the “power of the pen.”  The insane are now running the asylum.
They are now “assigning” rights, based not on the laws of the
land but on their myopic view outside of their cave environment.

When have the rights of free speech, religion, press, et al, been
repealed?  Did I miss it somehow?  Are these precious rights only
applicable to politicians and university presidents?

The on-going House Judiciary Committee’s efforts to get to the
bottom of the IRS and Justice Department’s alleged coverups of
everything in their cupboards has resulted in AG Holder’s
response to Committee member Louis Gohmert’s statement of his
contempt: “You don’t want to go there, buddy.  Don’t go there,
ok?”  I have seen disrespect, contempt, arrogance and insolence
in action, but none quite like this.  And Gohmert is right:
Holder should be in jail.  He was voted by the House of
Representatives to hold him in contempt of Congress in June 2012
for Fast and Furious coverup.  The vote was bipartisan: 255 to

As far as Lois Lerner is concerned, there is no doubt that she
had more than “suggestions” from higher up as to who to target
when it came to organizations bent on clean government, true
voting lists, traditional family and marriage values and groups
examining incidences of voter intimidations.  The House committee
voted Thursday to hold her in contempt of Congress and the
measure may go to the full house for a vote in days ahead.

So, there is little doubt that this administration is, if not the
least transparent cabal in our history, certainly runner-up.
This is not by accident – it was planned long before B. H.
Obama’s first election.  And the world still doesn’t know who he
is.  It is apparent, however, that he has enough goons at his
disposal to take the bullets for him when needed.  You have to
wonder how it feels to be used, abused and discarded.