Well, I fudged just a little bit. Newsweek didn’t report it exactly like this headline is worded, but it did come very close. It may shock you to learn what their front cover actually did say. You may have the same initial reaction that I had at first glance. It was one of disbelief. I’ll share the details in just a minute, but first the backstory.


In my article last week on this site, The Democrat’s New End Game: Don’t Vote! (http://patriotupdate.com/articles/the-democrats-new-end-game-dont-vote) I made a couple of predictions. They both proved true this week.


My first prediction was that the left, the liberals, the Democrats, would begin to declare Obama the winner of the election, still four weeks away from November 6th. The purpose of this ploy was, and is, to discourage conservatives from even going to the polls. The Obama machine had to find some way to convince Romney supporters that their vote would not count since the President’s victory was a certainty. This effort is now in full swing.


Let me share about the edition of Newsweek I mentioned earlier. This week, as I was sitting in my doctor’s waiting room, I picked up the October 1st & 8th double issue. This was the subscription edition of Newsweek. The cover is a little different on the newsstand edition, but the story is the same.


At first glance when I saw the cover page, I almost thought it might be a Mad Magazine parody or a joke of some kind. It was so outrageous it took me a while to conclude that I held an actual copy of Newsweek. It was nothing more than an advertisement for President Obama. It was like a victory edition.


On the cover of this issue we see President Obama proudly descending the stairs of Air Force One. On one side of the cover we read “Welcome Back To The White House Mr. President.” I know you are shocked.  Then, on the other side of the cover it read, “The Democrat Reagan. What Obama Will Achieve In His Second Term.”  Maybe they released their post election issue early by mistake?


Andrew Sullivan wrote the article inside this edition about Obama’s likely win. In fairness, Mr. Sullivan did say, as remote as the possibility might be, that Romney could turn things around and win. But, the article leaves the impression that Obama will leave Romney in the dust and reclaim his 1600 Pennsylvania address. Welcome back Mr. President. Obama! Obama! Obama!


Mr. Sullivan opens his article with this: “With his first term behind him, Obama is poised to be as significant a president as Reagan—tackling the deficit, spearheading immigration reform, and jolting the GOP back to sanity.” To me comparing Obama  in the same sentence with Reagan is political blasphemy. Sullivan’s entire article is online if you choose to read it. I do have a gut feeling that Mr. Sullivan will vote for the President. Nah.


The fact is that the debate last Wednesday dealt a hard blow to the liberal’s attempt to declare the election over. The future isn’t as clear for the President as it was prior to the debate.Things may change but as of today it is definitely not a done deal that the Obama family is going to stay in the White House past January 20th.


In the days following the debate the spinning machines went wild. There is just no way to effectively spin a win for Obama, but the left tried hard. It was a clear knock out for Romney. Even the honest liberals, there are still a few left, admit Obama lost or at least was not up to par Wednesday night.


It is telling when liberals are discouraged and people like Bill Maher says,  “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Obama looks like he does need a teleprompter.” If the truth be known President Obama has never very impressive away from his teleprompter.


Also, in my last article, I spoke of the use of the Big Lie by liberals, a technique that Hitler used very effectively. I was surprised, and totally pleased I might add, when Romney exposed Obama’s use of the technique in Wednesday’s debate. This was the fulfillment of my second prediction.


When Obama continued to present a fictitious view of Romney’s tax plan, Romney responded by saying, “Look, I’ve got five boys.  I’m used to people saying something that’s not always true but just keep repeating it and ultimately hoping I’ll believe it. But that is not the case.” This was a very smart and respectful way of calling the President a liar.


One very positive outcome of the debate for Romney is that more money will flow into his election fund. Another result will be that if the President makes more unsubstantiated claims about Romney’s positions they will have less impact. In the debate Romney was able to diminish some of the President’s credibility. He was able to clarify his own positions that had been distorted and prove some of the President’s arguments as fallacious.


Many voters obtained a more fair and realistic view of Romney by watching the debate. They discovered that he wasn’t the man they were told he was. He wasn’t a mean-spirited, greedy capitalist pig.  They found he was actually amiable, articulate, and humorous. He was able to make his points strategically without being disrespectful toward the President. His poll and likeability numbers will certainly rise this week.


There is one essential point we should remember during these last days leading up to the election. When liberals get threatened, when they fear that they will lose power, they get down right nutty. I mean Tiny Tim nutty.


Here is just one absurd example that emerged this week. Our old friend Al Gore (may peace be upon him) tried to make the case that Obama didn’t do well in the debate due to Denver’s high altitude. I guess it is good for Romney that the debate wasn’t held at sea level. I’m going to have to do some research now. I’m just not sure. What is the best debate altitude? Humidity could be an issue too. I feel a book churning in my mind.


Keep your ears tuned. You are sure to hear more of the Big Lie and bold proclamations that Obama has already won this election. Let me encourage you.  Do not buy the lie. Do not get discouraged. No matter what you think or how you feel, Go and Vote. Come on just one more for the Gipper!