Elon Musk fan Lori Garver should not be appointed to any office in the Trump administration

Elon Musk fan Lori Garver should not be appointed to any office in the Trump administration

Please say it ain’t so. Someone so fixated on being a fan of the multi-billion government subsidized ponzi scheme artist Elon Musk could be considered for an important appointment in the Trump Administration? First, Garver has been an adviser to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the past. And then she joined many who have bashed Donald Trump on social media, tweeting a comment about former shuttle commander Eileen Collins accepting an invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention earlier this year. Garver tweeted she was, “Shocked Eileen is supporting this anti-science misogynist. Sorry her legacy is now co-opted by self-interested men.” This is someone that Trump’s team should consider for an appointment to any government office? Really?

But Garver is a supporter and fan of Elon Musk, and especially space ambitions he is seeking to carry out through SpaceX. Garver couldn’t be more enthused to completely endorse and support Musk and SpaceX, as illustrated by some statements she has made. While speaking during a panel discussion at the Council for Foreign Relations, Garver said about those who are skeptical of the SpaceX goal of exploring Mars by 2018, that this goal, “is a pretty bold statement from a guy known for bold statements.” She furthermore praised NASA for being involved, and said it, “is more similar to what you might have with a government-to-government agreement. So it is breaking new ground, and I think it’s a good sign that NASA is even a partner. It shows there are people at NASA who are as excited about this as a lot of us are.”

Garver’s support for SpaceX should also warrant a review of the recent history of the space launch company. SpaceX has won government contracts for being the lowest cost provider in the space launch business. But their record of rocket explosions raises the question as to whether the lowest cost provider is the most reliable and effective vendor of the services in question. Facebook invested more than $95 million in the satellite that went up in smoke when the Falcon 9 rocket exploded. This was just one of several high profile explosions of SpaceX rockets.

After an investigation into the failure of Falcon 9 failed to produce an answer on the cause of the explosion, SpaceX suggested a conspiracy involving alleged sabotage by their main competitor in the space launch business, United Launch Alliance. An representative of SpaceX even demanded to inspect the roof of a United Launch Alliance building to look for evidence of the alleged act of sabotage. No evidence was found, yet SpaceX and Musk failed to explain their own failure, and suggested a conspiracy involving their competition. Is that the behavior a company you could trust to launch multi-million satellites into space?

SpaceX, and Elon Musk, has grandiose visions of human space travel and going to Mars, and yet the company can’t even competently and reliably put satellites into the earth’s orbit. Why would anyone in their right minds think SpaceX can be trusted to transport humans into the space and back to the earth? The idea seems entirely ridiculous.

Elon Musk has built a corporate empire subsidized by more than $4.9 billion in government money that includes SpaceX, luxury electric car maker Tesla, and the solar panel company SolarCity. None of them have truly achieved success on the open market, selling products successfully to a market that demands them. All three companies seem to rely on the others to exist, and government money, and as their failure becomes more clear, they seem to function much like a giant ponzi scheme to extract yet more taxpayer dollars from politicians who have bought the grand bill of goods from Elon Musk.

Time is running out and it becomes more clear by the day what a disaster these companies truly are. Yet Garver remains a huge fan of SpaceX and Musk, giddily supporting them all the way. It truly raises questions about Garver’s competence and credibility in the areas that she would possibly warrant an appointment to any position in the new administration. Given her ties to Obama and Hillary Clinton, and her support for Musk, surely Lori Garver can not be a serious candidate for appointment to any office in the Trump Administration. We can certainly hope not.