I’d like to add a more precise definition to who this enemy really is: Liberalism
Check it out:

I’m telling you we cannot beat back the Maoist wannabes in the Democrat Party until the GOP establishment – the new enemy – is defeated. The only question is when are you going to start believing it?

Are you against ObamaCare being in your life? Been against it since 2009? Did you help the Republicans get back in the House Majority specifically to rid you and your family of the abject disaster and tragedy of socialized medicine? The lies of ObamaCare?

How did that work out? What? The GOP majority in the House fully funded ObamaCare through 2016 and stood by while Obama rewrote the legislation umpteen amount of times?

The GOP who took your votes, your money, your trust, smiled and promised they’d stop ObamaCare did nothing while Obama ignored the Separation of Powers? Republicans called lawmakers like Ted Cruz, who fought to have ObamaCare defunded names? What? “Whacko-bird”?

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