In this week’s episode of The Twilight Obama Zone: “Biden says we need more gun laws because we don’t have time to enforce the ones we have.”

What? Oh, that’s BidenSpeak. That’s the official language of The Twilight Obama Zone. Here is the universal translation for anything said in BidenSpeak: “Don’t try to make sense of what I’ve just said. Just do it. Why? Because I speak for the government, and we know what’s best for you.”

Those of you who read my column titled Want Lower Taxes? Russia Taxes For Less know that The Twilight Obama Zone is the alternate reality where Rod Serling steps out from behind a door and intones, “You’ve just stepped into a bizarre world of opposites, where America no longer stands for free enterprise and you no longer have the right to keep the fruit of your own toil, where gun laws aren’t for the purpose of stopping violent criminals, but to ensnare law abiding citizens. You’ve entered . . . The Twilight Obama Zone.”

“Wait a minute!” you say. “Why would you want more laws when you don’t have time to enforce the gun laws we already have?” Oh no! There you go making sense again! This is the Twilight Obama Zone, where common sense does not operate. The sooner you stop trying to make sense of what this government says, the happier you will be.

Enforcement isn’t the goal. The goal is control of citizens via intimidation and blackmail.

Ayn Rand long ago identified the real purpose of passing tens of thousands of complex laws, regulations, and Presidential executive orders: intimidation and blackmail of the average citizen. She showed this in her great novel about the modern struggle for freedom and constitutionalism: Atlas Shrugged.

The government bureaucrats in her novel explained (paraphrasing), “We don’t want everybody to follow the laws. We want as many people as possible to be in violation of the laws. That way, when we want them to do something, we can threaten them with prosecution (blackmail) if they don’t do as we say.”

FORWARD! More laws! More Regulations! More Executive Orders! Don’t read them! Just pass them! Don’t ask if they make sense! Just do them! We are the government and we are smarter than you are! You are in the alternate reality of – The Twilight Obama Zone!

Oh, wait, that’s not an alternate reality. That’s the reality we voted for in 2012.

Michael McCarthy is the author of the Conservative political thriller novel The Noah Option, available in paperback at Patriot Update / and on Kindle at Amazon. Michael is also associate producer and occasional interviewer for the conservative talk show The Don Smith Show airing Saturdays at 12 noon.

Source: Hot Air