Looking at the history of this once great nation over the past
four hundred years, gives us pause for wonder: how did we get in
such a mess?  It is not a stretch of the imagination that both
conservative and liberal minds were at work with the first
arrivals to these shores, but liberal thinking was very quickly
turned to conservative when it came to who did what and what were
the rewards of such thinking.  The ideal, of course, was for
everyone to benefit equally; bad ideal; bad thinking.  Mankind is
always tempted to the “freebies” society has to offer.  Since
1620 that hasn’t changed; why should it now?

Conservatives tend to build, create, shun political office, value
families and family cohesiveness and form businesses that hire
people and expand infrastructures.  With their wealth, they also
funnel great sums into public institutions such as schools,
libraries, parks, medicine, hospitals, etc.  The “giving” spirit
is alive as well as the “getting” spirit.  But it is with their
own money that this is achieved.

The opposite is found in the liberal mind: spend great sums of
money – but not their own – to do all these things.  It’s the
age-old tactic: distribution of wealth – take from those who do,
and give to those who don’t.  In some very rare cases this might
be honorable, even condoned, but is highly suspect.

We find this strategy ever so prevalent in today’s political
culture.  When we peruse the avalanche of bills wending their way
through legislatures, both federal and state, the predominant
gist is for more taxing and more spending.  Legislatures are like
starving ‘gators, eating everything that moves.  It’s a sad
commentary, but reality, and we must be on constant guard to
examine every new spending measure to question whether or not
this new tactic is possible, commendable and doable.  One must
keep in mind that the politicians only spend “our” money, not
their own.  All of the largesse is at the mercy of those who earn
weekly paychecks, not those already on the dole; so, of course,
it appeals to the masses.  And the masses keep expanding!

The most merciful execution of such ideals would be to put an
individual value on each dollar, and require input from every one
who benefits; free should never mean welfare.  Sweat from every
partaker would give a sense of value, otherwise a feeling of

Through the past misfortunes of drought, floods, storms and
epidemics – conservatives, churches and individuals have
contributed vast sums to the cause of humanity.  They rarely ever
requested honor or fame for such benevolence, but obeyed Biblical
principals of “visiting the sick, feeding the poor, clothing the
naked, etc.,” to honor the God who made it all possible for us to
live in a society that appreciates His great gifts.

Liberals cannot think objectively.  Examination of spending bills
doesn’t elicit the necessity of knowing where the money comes
from: e.g., Pelosi’s quip: “we need to pass the bill to see
what’s in it.”  Great thinking, Nancy.  She was never worried
about spending “other peoples’ money.”  She wasn’t a bit worried
whether this travesty could even work, obviously, or she would
have actually “read” the abominable act.  The liberal mindset is
a major disease, second only to Ebola, and not easily contained
or eradicated; we must be constantly on guard.

Everyone who benefits from the endless perks of society, should
contribute something to its existence.  Consider the perks:
roads, sidewalks, parks, schools, electricity, home heating and
cooling, hospitals, shopping centers, medicine, running water,
modern appliances – the list, of course, is endless.  We can all
appreciate these benefits when we consider what it took to get
them to us, and the great cost of most of them.  When the
mindless mobs and thugs prevalent in our midst who honor nothing,
but seemingly are only bent on destruction, mayhem, robbing,
knockout “games” and uncivil savagery, we can see where liberal
welfare can quickly destroy everything that was worked for,
fought for and sacrificed for in just one generation.

But – We are still: America!  God Bless America!  And, God help