Conservatives too easily pick up the language of what they often call the enemies of freedom and morality – the media. I have read multiple blogs and articles on websites that I consider pro-American, anti-Islamic, and even pro-Christian; these sites are using the term “the Islamic State” as if it is a reality that is here to stay.

Is it just me, isn’t it contradictory to write an article outlining the atrocities of foreign terrorists beheading Christians for example, all the while giving them a name and attributing power to them which they don’t actually have and that the media is all too ready repeat as fact.

There is no official Islamic state on any map I have seen and we need to stop calling them that. Let’s use our own God given critical thinking skills when it comes to referring to these people who have made themselves the enemy of freedom and human dignity. When referring to them we need to strip them of their self-appointed importance and call them what they are – murderers.

Those who want the whole world to bow to their little man made god and who are willing to kill those who don’t worship their “benevolent” being should not be able to change the language of the Western media just because they appointed themselves a “state”. There is no state when it comes to Islam, there is only impious zeal.

It is the type of zeal which blinds a person to anyone or anything but their own cause, even at the expense of human lives. A zealot is a person who lets their cause eclipse the people for whom the cause is supposed to help thus putting those people in peril. This is the danger of Islam because the “benevolent” one is supposed to be a peaceful being yet demands that detractors be killed. Does anyone else see the contradiction here? Islam demands that we call their being benevolent or else be killed at its command; hardly inviting.

You can bet that if American Christians went around the country killing people who didn’t bow the knee to their benevolent God, the media would be reporting on those “atrocities” day and night and the government would have called out the National Guard in a heartbeat.

This is one of the reasons the framers of our nation did not endorse the worship of their all-but-common God. They had read about the history of those nations which forced the worship of a deity upon it citizens and they had the wisdom to forego that tragedy which would surely bring an end to the fledgling country.

While a fight must ensue if they so persist; a way to take power from these terrorists is to stop fighting them on their terms. Make no mistake about it; there is a very real enemy. I do not advocate burying our heads in the sand, as some do.

But the deception behind Islam in particular is that they insist on putting on a false face (naming themselves), defining their own cause, choosing the arena of battle, and defining the rules of engagement (literally). All the while, they actually have a different name, a different cause; they have the defined the battle and they fight by different rules.

Unfortunately, we have some people in the upper echelons of our government who have fallen for these deceptions. But, we who know better have to stop calling them by a name that they have taken by presumption and deception. We have to call them what they are. We don’t have to refer to them the same way the media does or the way they refer to themselves. We don’t have to assign them legitimacy which they have not earned except by force.

I know it is just easier to repeat what we hear like good little drones. And I know journalistic conventions dictate that we write in such a way as to be easily understood, but I say, journalistic conventions be hanged because there is a bigger purpose here.

I also know that what we call them is less important than what we do about them; however, today we are fighting a different battle against Islam than the Knights of St. John did in millennia past. Then the conflict had to be settled with weapons exclusively because the proliferation of words en-mass had not yet occurred.

Today, however, what is said in print and media is just as important. Our war today is not fought with weapons only but with words as well. Words can be used to deceive, to put forward a false front and to skew both objective and subjective truth. This is the enemy we face today.

Here, I am only making a plea that those of us who truly know our enemy shun both the deception and the entrapments of our enemy. For as long as we use the same language and follow the same sound bites as the rest of the ignorant and deceived our enemy has no reason to fear us.

If we avoid calling them by their true name and identifying their real objectives than we have no reason to believe that they will read our blog and have a sudden change of heart. Anyone with a military leadership background knows that refusing to name an enemy is tantamount to emboldening that enemy.

So while our military fight with weapons of war, let us who fight with the pen and paper keep as our primary objective the illumination of our enemy’s plans at all costs by declaring that there is no Islamic State only Islamic terrorists.