The long international dialogue on tolerance, diversity, and multi-culturism has brought us to this moment of choice. Do we continue down a path strewn with the blood of innocent victims, or shall we make a course correction and defend the principals, American principals, that assure freedom to each individual?

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre a television station in Detroit brought us the wisdom of a Dearborn based Imam. Did he decry the act perpetrated by maniacs in the name of his religion? No, he fretted that such and act would cause people to misunderstand and hate all Muslims. This is a demand for tolerance.

In this way evil may portray itself as victim.

The path to victimization is so well worn there are probably sign posts along the way; “Two Miles to Full Control of Everybody Else”.

Muslims around the world are practicing a form of coercion learned right here in the land of the academic and home of the faint-hearted. We used to be something else, some place good, somewhere people came to find freedom, but that crossroad is thousands of miles behind us. America now practices a form of soft coercion. Islam has stretched that form into violent caricature. Both of these coercive forms have but one intent; control of others.

A sixteen year old holds up a pro-life sign on a university campus in California and an entitled hair-brained academic steals the sign and claims that sign “triggered” her.

In this way evil may portray itself as victim.

Evil is personified when someone, anyone, demands you think as they think, act as they act, and speak as they speak. America stopped speaking out against such evil many years ago. This refusal to demand truly equal rights and personal respect has led to the corrosion of our highest offices in pursuit of unquestioned control of citizens. When American patriots demanded fiscal responsibility from the federal Government the Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Harry Reid, took to the Senate Floor, by God, and referred to these citizens as “terrorists”.

In this way evil may portray itself as victim.

A gay couple walks into a bakery and is refused service on religious grounds. Does the couple model the tolerance and understanding they demand from others, or do they go to court and force the baker to create them a wedding cake or lose his livelihood, the very method by which this baker feeds his children? The judge says not only do you have to bake the cake; you must attend classes in diversity.

In this way evil may portray itself as victim.

You can be gay, who the hell cares, but no one should ever demand that others think as they think, act as they act, and speak as they speak. Not even a judge in the “oh so fair and honest” American Judicial System was ever granted such a right by anyone or anything. “Retraining” by any means or name is antithetical to what America is, or once was.

So the playbook is on the coffee table and everyone knows how to claim their little island of victimhood. If crime is rampant in a neighborhood people grab a slice of victimhood by blaming the police. Free citizens wear masks, a terrorist construct, while righteously gathered in protest. They call for dead cops and when that particular demand is met on a street in New York City they claim that a few rotten eggs with guns do not represent the protestors. How jihadist of them. Each and every protestor is a Dearborn Imam unto himself.

In this way evil may portray itself as victim.

I don’t know how we are going to get out of this mess. If everybody is a terrorist then nobody is a terrorist. I mean that if a teabagger is a terrorist, Harry Reid, what do you call the blood on a Parisian street?   If a baker is your mortal enemy and must be deprived of gainful employment how do filmed beheadings affect you? If a sixteen year old carrying a sign triggers a violent response in you what does the reality of genital mutilation trigger in you? If your words demand dead cops in America are you therefore okay with dead baristas in Australia?

A country practicing soft coercion by word and deed seems unlikely to deal with violent coercion. American leaders do not even recognize the metastasizing of their own soft coercive techniques. Someone thinks you should wear a hijab and turn to Mecca daily. This is done for your own good, the good of everybody, and in the name of Allah. Someone else thinks you should drink only a regulated amount of soda daily. This is done for your own good, for the good of everybody, and in the name of Allah.

You know this isn’t about Islam, it is all about control.

Too many world leaders are afraid to turn around and gaze upon the beast, to take measure of the foe, to acknowledge its existence. This may be because they are the beast.

I do not think we should turn Afghanistan into a glass bowl, but I do think we should make it clear that we will not be treated this way. That bids for control whether by stealing pro-life signs, labeling citizens “terrorists” from the floor of the Senate, depriving bakers of their livelihood, calling for the murder of policemen, or slaying cartoonists will not be tolerated.

I think we’ve tolerated just about enough.