With international financial pressures on Iran waning, if only temporarily, as a result of the budding nuclear enrichment deal, what additional ways will Iran find to extend its clout and influence in a U.N. system that it has learned how to game so well?
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Iran, already exulting about the “surrender” of the West in its nuclear enrichment negotiations, may soon have another diplomatic victory to celebrate: a role in the election of the next executive director of the U.N.’s World Property Organization (WIPO), a which deals in the complexities of international copyright and technology transfer.

The election takes place in early March, and Iran—along with North Korea—is a member of WIPO’s so-called “coordination committee”—a select group of less than half of the organization’s membership. It will nominate a leadership candidate for ratification by the entire 183-member organization.

Three other candidates are running, but WIPO’s current executive director, an Australian native named Francis Gurry, is considered by most observers to be a shoo-in.

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