God did not become Michael Brown, and Michael Brown was not a sacrifice for our sin. Only Jesus Christ is God Incarnate, and only His blood can atone for our sin.

Interestingly, Rev. Gaventa did not mention the killing of unarmed Dillon Taylor, a 20-year-old white man who earlier this month was fatally shot by a black police officer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nor did Gaventa directly reference the killing of any other present-day white victims of violent crime as perpetrated by blacks or whites.

While counter-claiming that we have “become one in Christ,” Rev. Gaventa continued her divisive screed noting “systematic” racist white behavior in education, social media, and law enforcement—chalking it up to an “infection” of “white privilege.”

Gaventa’s final remarks caused silent outrage, as she equated Michael Brown to Jesus, implying that Brown, like Christ, was a sacrifice for our sin:

The God we love came to disrupt the power structures of the world that tell us what we are worth. He is a living God, who loved us so much and was so grieved by our inability to love him and one another, that he was willing to become human.

He became Michael Brown. He became the victim of our sin, so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice each other any more. His sacrifice should have been the last. His sacrifice was enough for us. And yet, here we are.

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