Brilliantly funny and…an honest testimony to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. President Obama hears the true gospel from a real Christ follower, maybe for the first time. This from Eric Metaxas, the keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast Feb. 2, 2012.

Obama and Michelle appear uncomfortable as the beautiful gospel of Jesus Christ so lovingly wafts across the room. Eric was truly anointed in this moment. He confronts the issues of abortion and gay marriage without even saying the words.

The joy and love pouring out of Eric Metaxas’ soul are irresistible. It’s the Holy Spirit.

Obama’s speech following Eric’s is a sharp contrast in genuine verses artifice. Obama twists Scripture to fit his Marxist agenda using, “…to whom much is given, much is required” to infer that Jesus was a Marxist. If Jesus was a Marxist, why do communist countries kill Christians and forbid the Bible?    Marx preaches the abolition of private property.  The Bible encourages private property ownership and forbids “coveting”  of your neighbor’s house or wife.  The Bible does not tell the government to steal wages away from workers and distribute them to whomever it chooses. Obama is in big trouble with God.  It is forbidden to alter the Word of God.

I met Eric Metaxas in Los Angeles back when he was doing a tour for his book Amazing Grace. I thought he should host his own talk show so I got my agent to get us into a Jay Leno taping. I’m so honored that I got to cross paths with someone as courageous and faithful to Jesus as Eric.  He also crushes the nerdy, irrelevant, uneducated stereotype of a “born-again evangelical.”   Metaxas is cool.

Obama sang Al Green beautifully.  (He should be a singer not a president.)  Romney sang “America the Beautiful”.  Metaxas led his audience in “Amazing Grace.”

In this crucial moment of America’s history, I pray God will raise up many Bonhoeffers and Metaxas’s to lead us in humility, repentance and obedience to God.

Watch the most powerful speech of our time from Metaxas. (It starts at 35 min into the video)

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