The original title of this column was “The Evolution Versus Creation Debate in Schools and Colleges.”  However, I changed the title for the simple reason that there is no debate on evolution versus creation in America’s classrooms.  Debate on this topic is not allowed.  Leftist administrators and faculty members have decreed that there will be no debate on evolution versus creation.  Liberals and secular humanists learned long ago that if you cannot win a debate the next best thing is to ensure that there is no debate.  So how did the left remove the evolution versus creationism debate from the classroom?  First they took control of faculties, administrations, and curriculums.  Then they used their control to suppress other points of view on this issue, as well as other issues.

Educators and students who disagree with leftist orthodoxy on the issue of evolution versus creation are subject to systematic intimidation, condescending ridicule, and even expulsion from the classroom. Teachers, professors, and administrators who believe that creationism should be part of the curricular mix have had their careers stymied and, in some cases, ruined for failing to toe the line of liberal orthodoxy on the subject of evolution.  Those who persist in spite of the often vicious backlash from the left are simply shouted down by liberal colleagues who are dogged in their determination to eliminate all debate on this most fundamental of issues.

American taxpayers send their children to school and college to be educated, not indoctrinated.  While students are being indoctrinated in the finer points of liberal orthodoxy at the taxpayer’s expense, what they are not doing is learning to read, write, calculate, and think; a fact that puts them and America at a competitive disadvantage in today’s highly-complex globally competitive environment.  As far back as 1955, the American public was shocked by the revelation that “Johnny Can’t Read.”  Well, as things have turned out, the situation is even worse than we thought.  Not only can Johnny not read, he can’t write, calculate, or think critically either.  Further, Johnny knows very little about the history of his country.  To make matters even worse, as William Kilpatrick explains, indoctrination in leftist orthodoxy instead of education is Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong (Simon & Schuster).  

If America’s schools and colleges do not return to educating young people instead of indoctrinating them and if they do not return to building self-discipline in students instead of self-esteem, the United States will eventually go the way of other great civilizations and suffer a self-inflicted downfall.  America needs a president who understands the purpose of education and is committed to using schools and colleges to educate not indoctrinate.  We certainly do not have such a president in Barack Obama.

Educators who acknowledge the truth of the Bible above man-centered theories of knowledge subject themselves to the slings and arrows of self-proclaimed intellectuals, but they stand on a far firmer foundation than their critics.  The authority of Scripture is supported by massive and compelling internal, archaeological, and historical evidence. On the other hand, all man-centered theories of knowledge contain inherent flaws: flaws the knowledge of which have led, in ancient, medieval, and modern times to skepticism about man’s ability to truly know that he knows anything.

It should be manifestly apparent that if you cannot be certain that you know anything, but then base your philosophy of life on what you presume to know, all of your man-centered philosophies—social, economic, and political—collapse for want of a foundation.  This is why liberalism, progressivism, socialism, Marxism, and all other man-centered “isms” lack a sufficient foundation to be valid.  America’s founders understood this fact.  Let us hope Americans will elect a new president who understands it.