On July 1, my brand new book The American Boomerang: How The World’s Greatest Turnaround Nation Will Do It Again is released.

You can pre-order it here.

Prior to its release, over the series of the next few weeks, I will release exclusively to PatriotUpdate.com certain sample passages contained within the book.

Enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 2: Old Glory.


America is indeed the “melting pot” of nations, united in its diversity of cultures and skin, immigrants here are expected to assimilate to mainstream society by surrendering their differences; a self-proclaimed hyphenated American is treated with suspicion and derision, and the visitor feels little sympathy.

In this land, a hyphenated identity is most un-American. Allegiance to a nation other than one’s home may be common for citizens of other nations, but the American recoils at the prospect. Don’t like it here? Leave. When immigrants are expected to submit to the dominant culture of their new home, cohesion, success, and the exceptional can flourish. Ideally, new immigrants and Mayflower descendants alike are glued together by the English language, a belief in the American dream, and the values of freedom, justice, and equality of birth but not outcome. That’s American.

There are discernible dangers within range. An unconscionable number of men, women, and children cross the borders of this nation illegally every day. For all their strength, Americans appear uncharacteristically helpless in stopping such lawlessness. In many parts of this land, it is as common to hear Spanish as it is to hear English. What’s worse are the lengths to which government will go to make this a country where “se habla español.” It is a puzzle: in order to become active in public discourse and engage in the life of this land, one must have the ability to read and speak English. It is not open for negotiation.

The book makes a great 4th of July gift! The American Boomerang has a foreword written by Col. Allen West, and is endorsed by the Heritage Foundation, Breitbart.com, National Review, Washington Examiner, Dartmouth Review, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Dick Morris and many others! Order it here.

God Bless America.