With all of the calls for more gun control, I ran across some very interesting information that I want to share with you regarding the true statistics of violent crime in the United States. I think you will be shocked, or at least most will be at the real numbers. These are those kinds of numbers that were referenced by the likes of Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt when he slammed CNN’s Piers Morgan recently.

Often when numbers are thrown out by talking heads and politicians with an agenda they never cite their sources and if they ever do, usually the source has a particular agenda of their own. So, let’s ask what our own Federal Bureau of Investigations say about violent crime in America.

First, take a look at The FBI’s “Uniform Crime Reports.” These reports have been put out every year for a while now and you can reference back to 1995 on the current page.

Take a look at the 2011 report on Crime in the United States:

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