Facebook has made very little attempt to disguise their ultra-liberal bias in recent weeks, using outright censorship to meddle with many of its users’ pages.


Facebook’s latest round of censorship has been their harshest yet, drawing threats of legal action.

Those hit especially hard have been the content creators of the site – the pages that are used to push original works of art, fiction, or journalism.  Given Mark Zuckerberg’s unrelenting leftist slant, many of these content creators are seeing a ridiculous drop in their reach and revenue due to the mind-police of Facebook.

“’I have lost 4.3 million likes on one of my pages with a reach of over 183 million daily, and was gaining approximately 15,000 fans weekly,’ claimed page owner Jason Karpowich, who has allegedly lost around four other pages with 1 million likes each, and around 50 with between 100,000 and 500,000 likes. ‘Overall, with all of the Facebook page purges, I lost around 12 million fans and with the loss of these pages a few families have lost their income due to these unjust Facebook purges/unpublishings.’

“’We have been trying to contact Facebook for months to no avail,’ he continued. ‘The only response you get is from a bot and auto response, so we formed a group called #PowerToThePages to get the Facebook page owners together.’

“Social media entrepreneur and WTF Magazine owner Jason M. Fyk, who is also a part of the #PowerToThePages group, told Breitbart Tech that Facebook’s purge of pages meant that he had to let go of his former employees and rethink his business steps after they reduced his traffic substantially. He was even sanctioned by the site for posting a picture of Family Guy cartoon star Peter Griffin dancing while holding his digital man-boobs.

“’Facebook literally saved my life. I wouldn’t be where I am right now in life and for that I thank Mark Zuckerberg directly, but don’t take away freedom of thought and expression,’ said Fyk, who used to reportedly make around $275,000 a month from his Facebook page business. ‘Facebook has become something far more than just a business. People’s lives are effected by it. It supports single parents and gives some people outlets to express who they are. You’re hurting family’s both those that post and those that view our content. Please reconsider your stance on content because Facebook is important to all of us.’”

“Like the meme page revolt earlier this year, which included some of Facebook’s largest meme pages, #PowerToThePages seeks to raise awareness of the censorship that is currently taking place on the platform.”

Facebook’s responsibility of fair and unbiased media publishing has been run off the road by Zuckerberg and the liberal cronies who are still miffed by Hillary Clinton’s inability to compete with Donald Trump during the 2016 election.  The loss by the democrats has been a wildly vicious wakeup call for the American left, but instead of bearing down and learning from their mistakes, they have taken to creating new scapegoats for their own inadequacies – their favorite of which being the conservative media that Facebook is now censoring.

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