Today, I posted a link to a story on Patriot Update. The article was about defining liberals. It was not in any way “hate speech”.
As a result of my sharing that article, I was disciplined by facebook which sent me the following message informing me I would be blocked from sharing links to articles and websites for two days.
Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 1.06.15 PM

There was a time just a few months ago when my three facebook pages actually reached the 350 thousand people who friended and subscribed to them. My posts generated 10 to 15 thousand responses each time.
Today, there are filters attached to my url’s that say “ref/hi, sec/hi” and as a result, I am lucky if a couple of hundred people even see my posts come down the newsfeed.
In fact, I receive comments on my walls and in my private messages from people who thought I had left facebook. They say they never see my posts in the feed anymore and literally have to come to my pages to see what I am up to.

I have complained repeatedly to facebook about the filters and requested justification for such censorship when I am not seeing the same kind of filters on pages owned and presenting the liberal and socialist agenda.
Over the past year, facebook has blocked me from my own page for days at a time, suspended my account when I had 125 thousand friends and subscribers (I and many others raised a huge stink about this one until fbook finally reinstated my page and all the people)
Facebook has deleted my posts, harrassed my commenters by threatening them with messages that if they post inappropriate comments they will be disciplined)

My posts are always professionally written, contain no threats, and no hate speech. There is no justification for this disciplinary action other than censorship.
While I am being censored for promoting the Conservative position, there are pages that have remained on facebook for over a year that clearly promote HATE SPEECH. These pages remain in spite of repeated complaints of hate speech. By the way, if you post something against Islam and the facebook team sees it, you will be blocked from posting as a disciplinary action and your post will be deleted. It is a double standard. Its only considered hate speech if it is against Islam… all other “religions” are free game.

Here are a few pages that ARE TRULY devoted to “hate speech” that remain unfiltered and undisciplined by facebook in spite of repeated complaints in the thousands against their content.
Now.. check these out and you tell me… Am I right that facebook is biased against conservatives?… especially CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES?


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