The moment the Supreme Court ruling was announced like most social-media types, I was immediately on my Facebook and Twitter pages posting.

I was going to write an article giving my personal thoughts and opinions but instead I want to share the actual posts of people throughout the United States, Canada and France who commented on the ruling.

Pierre in Canada: “Average waiting time at the ER in Montreal, Canada…18 hours…”

BeeGee: “I have experienced them [E.R.’s] in the Yukon, but since I had American dollars, they took me right in. Felt so bad going ahead of a room full of patients.”

Pierre-Marie, France: ‘It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication, and a government bureaucracy to administer it.’ Thomas Sowell. Good luck with that, Americans, here in France the healthcare has become a kind of dictatorship.”

Kristy: “The small biz I work for just had their health insurance increase by 18% and we were told at the time, depending on what the healthcare ruling is, it will probably increase more.”

Gary: “If Obama believes that the Affordable Healthcare Act is such a great program then why isn’t he giving up his healthcare benefits for serving as President and becoming a recipient of Obamacare. I honestly think if the law makers who write these policies for the people were subjected to the same stipulations they would actually come up with some better legislation.”

Mick: “And I’ve had employers tell me they’re not going to be hiring any women of childbearing age because they don’t want to pay for abortions. Of course they’ll come up with another reason why the woman wasn’t hired. They’ve also said they will have to let people go instead of paying for insurance or fines. In some cases they’ll pay the fines for key employees because it’ll be cheaper than providing insurance!”

Nancy: “It doesn’t give you insurance. If you can’t afford it you will be penalized for not having it.”

Man Hatten: “As a trader in NYC I can tell you that this bill is not well liked – it sucks all the available investment/discretionary monies out of the private sector (business/consumer). Get ready for MUCH higher taxes & a MUCH higher employment rate going forward! Companies will not hire w/this bill going forward & there is not other way to pay for it except w/higher taxes on everyone.”

Christine, nurse: “Why is it that Canadians come here for life-saving treatments and diagnostic tests? If that doesn’t tell you that there is something wrong with their socialized system, then I don’t know what will. When each province runs out of money allotted to healthcare their hospitals close. It doesn’t matter if you need an elective surgery…if you’ve even been approved for that surgery. With Obamacare, you will have to take the care (if that’s even the appropriate word) that is handed to you by the government. You do not get to choose! I am a nurse and I see disastrous implications with this law. Our current system needs fixing, but this will make it worse.”

Luanne, Canada: “Try refusing here in Ontario, Canada where we have Socialized Medicine. No way, baby! You won’t pay the taxes? (fees, fines, whatever) They’ll seize your ass-ets. They’ll MAKE you pay. STOP IT BEFORE IT’S LAW, my U.S. friends! When Ontarians want TIMELY and EXCELLENT care, they come to the U.S. or go to Europe, because otherwise, you’re lying on a gurney in a hallway for a week, waiting for a bed, or you die at home in agony before you get treatment. Seen it happen, and it’s happening more and more. Oh, or you’ll have someone tell your mother she’s not eligible for treatment because she’s past her prime.”