Mark Zuckerberg is grappling yet another issue facing his iconic social media platform, Facebook:  A whole lot of hate for the entire thing.


Facebook is seeing a huge disparity in their popularity over the last year, after Mark Zuckerberg’s questionable and biased decision making.

In 2016, it was revealed that Facebook was utilizing a team of trend-censorship employees to curb any topics that Facebook deemed to be “inaccurate” – Facebook code for conservative media.  This blatantly biased action kicked off what we now know as the “fake news” phenomenon that has sent the likes of CNN and Buzzfeed into the gutters of pseudo-journalism.  Now, the world is taking notice, and Facebook is facing a major backlash.

“The social-networking giant has landed on a list of ‘America’s Most Hated Companies,’ with users hacked off over its handling of everything from fake news to privacy concerns.

“’Facebook has been a boon for shareholders’, financial news blog 24/7 Wall St. noted as it published its ignominious list. ‘However, not everyone is pleased with the social media platform.’

“Facebook’s name ended up in sixth place behind Comcast, Bank of America, Mylan, McDonald’s and Wells Fargo.

“Trailing Facebook on the miserable list of 12 were the slightly less-hated Spirit Airlines, Dish Network, Sears, Sprint, Walmart and Charter Communications.”

With Donald Trump coming to office in 2017, and a surge of conservatism rolling over the country, Facebook looks to be in for a long, hard fight to reach its former glory.

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