GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Boston police commissioner calling the bomb sight one of the most well-photographed areas in the country. Now the FBI is using facial recognition technology to try to find the killer. Paul Schuepp is a CEO and president of Animetrics. Paul, there are apparently photos of persons of interest. Explain if there’s good lighting and a front-on look of the suspect or the person of interest, how does your technology work?

PAUL SCHUEPP, CEO AND PRESIDENT OF ANIMETRICS: Hi, Greta, thanks. Well, face recognition basically takes a photograph and tries to reduce that photograph to a biometric template for searching in a database. So the key is dealing with that photograph, and the quality of that photograph and how much of the face that you see.

VAN SUSTEREN: So how precise is it? I assume you have to have a photograph to compare it to. But what’s the level of certainty that you can make any identification with it?

SCHUEPP: So, it’s very dependent, again, on the input, the probe looking at that picture. If you have a good frontal of a face, you are going to get a very high statistic potential in matching in a large database, upwards of the high 90 percent with a very small false to separate. So that’s important.

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