Facts do not enter the picture anymore in these things.
Check it out:

Facts did not matter much when the race-activist community held a press conference outside of the McKinney Police Station earlier today. This was in response to the now infamous pool party that took place last weekend in the suburban Craig Ranch subdivision of a Dallas suburb. Tempers flared, feelings frayed, and one speaker was compelled to threaten the Texas city with bringing in the Nation of Islam’s volatile spiritual leader Louis Farrakhan as a solution.

The general demand list was that the group wanted 10-year police veteran Eric Casebolt fired and criminally charged. Executive Director of Justice Seekers, Rev. Ronald Wright first spoke. He wanted the mayor of McKinney to handle the situation by firing and filing those charges against Casebolt. Wright said his group contacted the U.S. Justice Department to have them monitor the situation.

He claimed that the starting point of the entire debacle was an adult woman “assaulting a young lady a 14 year old.” They also wanted this woman prosecuted and one teenaged boy’s charges dropped.

Dallas-based Next Gneration Action Network founder Dominique Alexander voiced a lot of the group’s concerns. He insisted that the young man who was charged with evading arrest, was only trying to tell the girl “to stay calm” when the girl in the bathing suit was “yelling for her mother” and Casebolt “turned around and pulled out a gun on him.” Alexander said, he would have run. “What do you think? I would have stood there?” He called Casebolt a lunatic. “We want all charges dropped.”

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