Isn’t fashion a funny thing?

The Left, through their culture war, have engineered a society where certain views are “fashionable”. Or are “in fashion”.

By Left, I mean the powerful commentariat, dominant in the media, academia and public  administration that is deeply condescending in their view that anyone that does not share their opinion is not just wrong, but morally inferior. It’s the worst snobbery imaginable.

Once we get beyond the question- who are they to determine what’s in fashion– the next is: “what does ‘in fashion’ mean?

Well, it means that certain things are prioritized and considered ”interesting”, while others are boring as they are considered mainstream. Certain viewpoints are moral; others just aren’t.

In Australia, for example, if you have an ethnic heritage, you’re interesting. Fascinating. Compelling. It’s a conversation-starter! Even older Anglo-Saxons have been convinced of their supposed own boringness. They’ve been engineered to ask about it, should they suspect it. Good old Tony, did you know his mother’s family was Italian? Oh wow, really? How interesting… does he speak Italian? Give me a break.

If you’re gay, it’s riveting. Exciting. Mesmeric. Straight? Ugh. That’s so yesterday. You don’t believe in gay marriage? You heartless Neanderthal.

For these guys, matters like ethnic heritage and gay marriage are as normal as the diet salad they order and organic chai latte they sip.

We’ve gotten to the point where unless you are newly-arrived, black, gay, pregnant, disabled or disadvantaged, sorry but you’re not interesting. Not important. If you’re an Anglo-Saxon, you’re boring. Mediocre, even.  If you’re not any of those things, you’re on your own. How’s the view from the rich, white guy mountain they have the temerity to ask? Pretty damn bleak.

And the hypocrisy is incredible. You can tell an Irish joke anywhere around the world. But try telling an Aboriginal joke in Australia, or a black joke in America.

The new civil rights war is one against middle-class white Americans with traditional values.

No one should bow at the altar of political correctness.