Congress is filled with millionaires. A recent graphic indicates how many members have a net worth over $1 million.

It pays to be in Congress. Being rich in Congress is not incongruous. (Sorry. I could not resist.)

But rich politicians have long voted for higher taxes and lots of Federal controls. They do so well as members that they are protected from the effects of their own legislation. They are big government people, because big government has made them rich and powerful.

This report spells it out.

1. Talk about the 1%. Over half of the members of Congress, who are sent to Washington on the behalf of the common man, are millionaires.

2. Legal Insider Trading? There is currently no accountability or oversight to prohibit members of the U.S. Congress from profiting in the financial markets based upon the inside information they obtain in the course of their daily work. (The news program, 60 Minutes, recently blew the lid off of the Congressional insider trading scandal. Watch here.)

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