Do e-cigarettes cause more harm than good? Are teens buying them and getting hooked on traditional tobacco products with e-cigs as a gateway, or are these alternatives a great way to kick the habit? Anti-tobacco activists have been pressing the FDA for years to get involved, and they have finally proposed their first rules for the market:
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The Food and Drug Administration will for the first time regulate the booming market of electronic cigarettes, as well as cigars, pipe tobacco and hookahs, under a proposal to be released Thursday.

The move would begin to place restrictions on e-cigarettes, a nearly $2 billion industry thatfor years has operated outside the reach of federal regulators. If adopted, the government’s plan would force manufacturers to curb sales to minors, stop handing out free samples, place health warning labels on their products and disclose the ingredients. Makers of e-cigarettes also would be banned from making health-related claims without scientific evidence.

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