TTAG reader Connor writes:

I wanted to share with you my experience last week at the University of Rhode Island, where we had a gun threat. Officially there was never a gunman, thank God. But I was so appalled by URI’s lockdown procedures that I felt I needed to write to you. Given the current issues of school safety, this incident reinforced with me the idea that a lockdown won’t do much without someone to actively end the shooting. In fact, the procedure at URI may have even made it easier for a shooter. URI is effectively a gun free zone, as our campus police do not even carry arms. To defend the school, we have to wait for real police, some 10-15 min away. Anyway, here is what happened on Thursday, April 5th, 2013 . . .

I am a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island and while sitting in class last week, I overheard another student say something about a shooter. She told me there was a gunman not to far from the building I was in. About ten minutes later, and 29 minutes after the first 911 call, I received a text message from the university’s automatic alert system: THERE IS A POSSIBLE ACTIVE SHOOTER ON CAMPUS. ALL FACULTY, STAFF, AND STUDENTS STAY WHERE THEY ARE UNTIL FURTHER UPDATES.

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