Fear is the new freedom. Like a frog that does not realize it is being boiled alive so goes a nation that does not notice subtle changes made to its foundations over time. Morals once thought unmovable have been “fundamentally” changed. Deeds previously unthinkable in previous generations are now approved of by the highest office in the land.

How does this happen? Fear, intimidation, and retribution are among the favorite tactics to cause even the most ardent freedom loving members of a society to cower. Godless, self-worshiping adherents to the gospel of “Me” are using these schemes to lobby elected officials to get their way; much the same way a spoiled child uses ear-piercing screams to sway its parents.

The elected officials and judiciaries for their part are already predisposed to cringe at the shrieks of these infants and therefore acquiesce. This would explain why almost without exception all new “civil rights” legislation upheld by the courts since 2008 and also those bills passed by fiat from the president have all favored the “disfavored” (Think Prop. 8), those poor underdogs whose personal preferences and behaviors they no longer want to hide from public view.

The threat of law suits and the decisions of rogue judges on similar cases causes many flag-waving Americans to simply give in, left to wonder how many of their own rights they may lose while attempting to voice their opposition.

For all the recent attention given to anti-bullying campaigns (I am not for bullying), it seems the war against conservatives goes entirely unnoticed. No one likes to be called a hypocrite, and if you don’t like the word the dictionary uses to describe your behavior than you need to change your behavior. But what the courts and even the president have taken to doing is to change the dictionary.

This inequity against conservative values, leads us to the “bias is the new equality” campaign currently being perpetrated in America. How did equal come to mean bias? Today the word equal means “no one is going to tell me what to do.” These are the whiners of a generation ago whose parents did not tell them that they can’t always get their way; they were not told that’s not how the world works. This includes today’s state and U.S. Supreme Court judges who are rewriting the constitution willy-nilly.

As I eluded to earlier concerning Proposition 8, the California marriage ballot initiative affirming marriage as a union between a man and a woman which was overturned by a rogue judge (in a matching gender relationship at the time of his decision) because the judge felt that those against the measure were being disfavored.

When activist judges replace their personal prejudices to overrule those of 41 million Americans who favor opposite gender marriage exclusively, we are no longer equal and we are no longer under the protection of the Constitution. The underlying message to the dissenters (i.e. conservatives) is that the Constitution is no longer valued or valid.

As the old saying goes, “you can please some the people some of the time but you cannot please all of the people all of the time.” In an attempt to make some people happy you are going to make some other people unhappy.

How is it equal rights if the new bias is now against the people you just made unhappy while trying to make the first group of people happy? That can only be true if the people you just made unhappy are people you are biased (even hostile) towards. What about the rights of the people who are now the new disfavored? So the ungodly don’t want to see God’s name in public, what about the people who do?

When a person cuts in front of you in the ticket line that doesn’t mean you have to go to the back of the line. This is what is happening today in America. The values of faith, family, and freedom are being replaced with the values of the faithless, the illegitimate, and the dependent. What is worse is that the champions of the new happy people are at times violently intolerant of those who champion the values that have now been marginalized.

Intolerance is the new tolerance, depravity is the new decency, and deception is the new transparency. For all these now legal contradictions and more we can thank the current administration who has taken it upon themselves to “transform” our nation to please some people at the expense of others.

I understand trying to make our nation more equal but why the hate? Why can’t the values of faith, family (traditional), and freedom be included in our quasi-inclusive nation? Actually, the answer is clear. Hate is the new love.