File this one under the “how our tax dollars are wasted on useless studies” tab. Do we really care what happens to drunk monkeys? Would monkeys even be drunk if the government wasn’t supplying them with alcohol paid for by our tax dollars? Good grief.

There’s a whole lot of drinking going on in the name of government science, and some watchdogs think it’s the American taxpayer who is getting hammered.

Right now the National Institutes of Health is spending $3.2 million to get monkeys to drink alcohol excessively to determine what effect it has long term on their body tissue.

Oh, but that’s not all. I wish it was but there’s more.

NIH also has handed out $69,459 to the University of Missouri to study whether text messaging college students before they attend pre-football game tailgates will encourage them to drink less and “reduce harmful effects related to alcohol consumption.”

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