Surrounded by law enforcement officers, mayors, police chiefs, gun “safety” groups, Democratic legislators and a display of semi-automatic rifles and pistols, California Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced her new gun control legislation today on Capitol Hill.

“This is a tough battle,” Feinstein said in her opening remarks. “Some of us have been working to reduce gun violence for decades.”

The event kicked off with Rev. Gary Hall preaching about gun violence to the cameras, a mix of church and state liberals typically frown upon unless it serves a certain political purpose.

“As people of faith we have an obligation to stand together to end gun violence,” Rev. Gary Hall said. “I believe the gun lobby is no match for the cross lobby.”

For weeks we’ve been given a preview of Feinstein’s new “assault weapons” legislation, which she outlined today. The bill includes a ban on guns with only “one military characteristic,” slide iron stocks, a ban on importation of assault weapons and large capacity magazines, a ban on certain semi-automatic “assault pistols” and shotguns. The exact definition of “military characteristic” is still unknown. The 10 year “sunset rule” has been stripped form the bill, meaning if passed, the firearms included in the legislation will be banned forever. Grandfathered firearms that are either sold or transferred will require a background check.

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