Frankly, I did not think it would happen, which is why I now refer to the Grand Jury’s ruling in the shooting of Michael Brown as the Ferguson Miracle. I was almost certain that Officer Darren Wilson was going to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness to satisfy race hustlers such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and to silence the violent, destructive mobs that have converged on Ferguson, Missouri in recent months. Fortunately I was wrong. In the Michael Brown case, the rule of law trumped mob rule. Twelve people chose to ignore the trial-by-media that had gone on for months and actually examine all of the evidence in the case. Having done so, they decided that Brown’s death was the result of a justifiable use of deadly force on the part of a police officer. It appears that the Grand Jury understood that one person and one person only was responsible for Michael Brown’s death, and that person was Michael Brown.

We now know that many of the so-called “eye witnesses” interviewed over and over by the mainstream media were not even present when the shooting occurred. We also know that several eye witnesses had to change their stories when their testimony was refuted by the physical evidence. We also finally have access to the testimony of Officer Darren Wilson who, as it turns out, was attacked in his police car by a crazed Michael Brown; an image, by the way, that fits with the 6’-4” 298 pound bully we saw on videotape attacking a store owner who had the temerity to challenge Brown’s open and blatant theft. We also know that the low-lifers who looted and burned Ferguson stores care nothing about Michael Brown, his family, or justice. Brown’s shooting was just an excuse for a mob of criminals looking for an opportunity to do what they do best: loot, steal, pillage, and destroy.

Another thing we learned once the evidence presented to the grand jury was made available to the public is that the mainstream media is complicit in the destruction and mob violence that has taken place in Ferguson. The slanted, biased coverage of events in Ferguson by the mainstream media had the desired effect: it stirred up racial resentment and gave license to criminals who turned the tragic events there into a block party augmented by looting, drinking, and burning. The mainstream media was so determined to have a controversial story to cover that it was willing to help create one. Frankly, the more violence, unrest, and lawlessness that could be generated in Ferguson, the better for television ratings; and it is ratings—not Michael Brown—that the hypocrites in the mainstream media are interested in.

Because of the advent of news coverage that is aired 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year by on an almost endless number of news outlets, relevance and ratings can be elusive. As a result, the mainstream media has transitioned from reporting the news to creating it. So-called reporters in Ferguson would shove a microphone in the face of anyone. The more inflammatory the words of those being interviewed the better, and the facts be damned. It is no stretch to suggest that reporters purposefully sought out people who were willing to spout inflammatory rhetoric, even though their words bore no resemblance to the facts.

We now know that what has been reported from Ferguson for months by the mainstream media bears little or no resemblance to the facts examined by the grand jury. Small wonder. Reporters who knew the facts never bothered to challenge those they interviewed on the obvious discrepancies in their stories. Further, when interviewees weren’t saying what the reporters wanted, these so-called journalists would prod, lead, and script them. Instead of asking, “What do you think…?” reporters from the mainstream media often used the more leading “Don’t you think…?” Now that the grand jury has ruled, reporters are still in Ferguson trying to stir up trouble. Their strategy now is to locate people who are upset about the decision and prod them into making divisive, inflammatory remarks. They want to showcase the resentment and stir it up. Their motto seems to be: Don’t let the story be killed by the facts, don’t let it die. One can almost hear these thoughts coming from decision makers in the mainstream media.

A lot of people have a lot to answer for in Ferguson, but few of them are actually from Ferguson. Now that the grand jury has ruled, the looters—who are the real story in Ferguson—will move on in search of other opportunities for media sanctioned crime. The media outlets that so distorted the story in Ferguson will also move on. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will await the next opportunity to exploit the frustration of black Americans in some other situation and location. Within a week or two all that will be left in Ferguson are the residents that call that town home and the burned out stores that were ransacked by looters who don’t even live there. Frankly, I think the good folks of Ferguson should rebuild their town and send the bills to Al Sharpton and the leftwing media.