The Ferguson Case is just one more example of the REVERENDS-R- US team milking an already volatile situation. On the day after the no indictment decision was announced Reverend Alfred Charles Sharpton, Jr.[ appeared once again with a grieving family at a press conference that he called – taking the microphone he proclaimed his outrage next to two National Action Network (NAN) banners – thereby promoting his own organization in the midst of a tragedy. Of course hubris is nothing new for Reverend Al who makes a cool quarter of a million dollars annually at NAN while still owing the federal government and the State of New York nearly $ 2 million in back payroll taxes.

Yes, the facts of the Ferguson case maybe complex but they are not impossible to sort out despite what the civil rights demagogues say. Michael Brown, Jr. committed a “strong-arm robbery’ minutes before his encounter with 28 year old Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Mr. Brown was captured on video stealing merchandise from a convenience store and throwing a store clerk to the floor. Brown then went into the street where he started walking down the middle of the road. When confronted by Officer Wilson he refused an order to step to the sidewalk. Instead he walked up to a police cruiser and reached into the vehicle punching the officer several times in the face and attempted to grab Wilson’s service pistol – big mistake. Shots were fired and Brown was grazed by one bullet.

The fact that Officer Wilson left his cruiser to give chase is reasonable due to the danger Brown posed to the community. Yet, even if we accept Officer Wilson’s version of what happen next, it seems clear that this officer panicked and overreacted by shooting at Brown 10 times, hitting him six times including a coup de grâce to the top of Michael Brown’s skull. Police officers should be trained to maintain their composure during just such an incident – two shots to the chest is more than enough to stop anyone. That being said the feverish rhetoric of Sharpton, [PDF] MSNBC’s Touré Neblett (an articulate Sharpton), Ben Jealous (former head of the NAACP) and Benjamin Crump (attorney to the Brown family) has only produce certified ballyhoo. As to the question as to why so many people fear young black males is a legitimate inquiry that deserves an honest answer. A review of the police statistics of New York City proves enlightening on this subject.

Jamelle Bouie a self-described black progressive recently wrote in the über liberal journal The American Prospect, “It’s absolutely true that ‘NYPD stats show that 96 percent of all shooting victims are black or Hispanic, and (that) 97 percent of all shooters were black or Hispanic,’ but it’s also true that the number of black and Latino offenders is a small fraction of all blacks and Latinos. This position is bolstered by the research of conservative commentator Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere who highlights that “3% of blacks are committing 50% of the crimes.”  This fact causes an innate response of fear by whites and blacks to teenage black males. This 3% has never been addressed by the president nor Attorney General Eric Holder. Indeed, the black political establishment closes ranks and hides this fact – an action that continues to poison the political well of good will. Shame on the president and his attorney general.

This fear of young black males was best stated by Reverend Jesse Jackson back in 1996 the same year that Michael Brown, Jr. was born: “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” This is one of those political moments when a political figure slips up and actually says something truthfully.

One has to wonder if Michael Brown’s stepfather (Louis Head) and mother (Lesly McSpadden) are part of that 3% that is responsible for 50% of the crime in Ferguson. Louis Head was caught on camera by the New York Times on Monday night chanting “Burn this Mother F—er (town) down”. He both incited arson and a race riot. Ferguson Police Officer Stephanie Wilson caught Michael Brown’s mother punching Michael Brown’s paternal grandmother in the face in October over a dispute about selling merchandise about the shooting – lovely.

According to the same officer “…Lesly McSpadden’s mother, Desureia Harris (Brown’s maternal grandmother) then allegedly said to Gordon, (Brown’s paternal grandmother) ‘You don’t know my grandson like that. I’m gonna tear this sh-t down…Harris then proceeded to rip down t-shirts and other items hanging on the line.’”.

Nothing is ever going to get better in the black community as long as 72% of black babies are born out of wedlock and 3% of the black community is committing 50% of all major crime in the nation’s metropolitan areas. A balance needs to be sought and achieved to train our urban police officers to diffuse explosive situations, in addition society needs to tell the Michael Browns of the world not to punch a police officer in his own cruiser and then grab for his gun – you could get yourself killed. (869 total words)

Geoffrey G. Fisher is a federally designated Highly Qualified state-certified history teacher living in southwest Florida.  He holds a BA in History from the University of Connecticut and a MA in Public Policy from Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  In addition to teaching U.S. History, he is a former elected official and speechwriter. He is also a weekly columnist for the Political e-Magazine: THE PATRIOTUPDATE.COM