Regardless of Obama’s waffling, the Syrian leadership went unpunished for its inhumane acts of aggression.

The simple fact is Obama is not a wartime leader. He lacks the intestinal fortitude to make good on his threats. One critic of the president, retired U.S. Army Col. Ralph Peters, went so far as to call him “a terrified little man in a great big job he can’t do.” That may be a cruel characterization of the leader of the free world, but Obama has done little to persuade otherwise.

That includes his most recent drawing of a red line. This time, the American people can rest assured the line will be not crossed. The assertion of the line came from his Secretary of State, John Kerry, who said on Friday, “I think that’s a red line for everybody here, no boots on the ground.”

The declaration sends an unsubtle message to ISIS. “Go ahead and invade and pillage cities,” it seems to say. “Take refuge among citizens, killing those you find it expedient to eradicate. Take over their homes. Commandeer their hospitals and schools. Nothing that you do can provoke the ‘coalition’ into a fight.”

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