America has a bad case of Liar’s Disease. We are in the midst of a truth trauma and the idea that we could trust our Govt. after scandal upon scandal is ludicrous. Their truth deprivation has given us whiplash turning our head from Department to Department to see who’s outdone the last scandal. This is a chronic malady our Government has passed on for decades now reaching epidemic proportion. Something had to be done to stop this riot from righteousness and Mr. Snowden deemed this was the time for us to know more about the relationship between our Federal Government and our search engines.

Edward Snowden the NSA contractor- leaker says he did this for the right reasons. He pulled back the curtain on the Govt. surveillance program, so we could engage in a very serious discussion all Americans need to have. We are, in all probability, about to lose more of our freedom and civil liberties than we could ever imagine, unless we get some checks and balances put in place. We will be the one’s footing the bill to live behind bars with our phones and computers in the name of Security.

President Obama has been less than honest or adequate in his explanation of the NSA program and why Americans should be subjected to sacrifice more of our civil liberties so that he can presumably catch terrorists. He actually has displayed his bias in the extreme other direction to give Muslims and terrorists more civil liberties. On the one hand exceeding reverence to the liberties of the unlawful at the same time little regard for the liberties of the broad public, especially Christians and conservatives. This is greatly out-of-balance and demands our concern with further investigation of this program.

We are sending Billions of dollars to Egypt with our fighter jets and tanks while we live on food stamps because we gave Egypt our word. Mr. Obama gave us his word also: on transparency, securing our boarders, getting the truth of Benghazi, IRS scandal, keeping our health care costs low with better quality etc. He hasn’t kept his word to us on any of that. There is a list of lies that merit further investigation on all these issues.

Mr. Obama is in a poor position to complain about or prosecute leaks. He’s had his share when they were politically advantageous to him. When he boasts of the treasure trove of data we found when Bin Laden was killed everyone knew to change plans and went underground rendering the new treasure useless. He leaked the Stuxnet virus used against Iran. In Yemen he leaked about the double agent, and the Doctor is still in jail that gave us Bin Laden’s location. Now he’s asking us to trust him with our private data. Trusting him, with his abysmal record plus his stance against Marriage and Christians is like asking a Pedophile to babysit.

During the 2012 campaign, Mr. Obama harnessed Google’s expertise to build a virtual profile of undecided voters who could be persuaded to support the incumbent. That very team Spun-off and operates a different company today called Civis Analytics. This company states they work for Democratic candidates and only Democrats next year.

Justin Brookman, Center for Democracy and technology, states, “Government watchdogs have a huge potential for data mining of “political opponents”. First we decide if we want to target a union member or a tea party member, who ever we want. Then we take the information we buy from one broker and combine it with another broker’s.” They could tear that opponent apart. How easy would this money-power motive be for contractors working at the NSA or the IRS getting this information for free? Unfortunately we just lived through it.

The content, of your private e-mails are being stored by the Govt. This is happening now and soon to be stored in Utah, in the NSA’s one million square foot building. The ACLU has filed a class action suit to shut down the NSA immediately and have the Supreme Court hear it as quickly as possible.

We expect the products we buy to have some base level of safety and security, the food we eat, the cars we drive etc. We are at the mercy of the company. We know face book is selling our privacy to anybody paying them money but they have a facade that they will keep our data private from people who don’t pay. We are at the point now of little to no transparency and accountability. The NSA is too secretive about their eavesdropping without our knowledge or consent.

Those of us who like Liberty try to reduce Govt. power and increase personal freedom creating a balance. Today power is in more hands of Corporations with Govt. alliance. All messages sent to friends must go through the govt. first! There would be outrage but we use Facebook and Google and they give it to the NSA. The Govt. says everyone must carry GPS tracking devices on them at all times! We would rebel, Govt. cannot impose this. Yet we do it willingly with our cell phones. The Govt. by-passed us and went straight to the Corporations to get our data directly and free. This is not falling on only one side of the political spectrum either, it’s unbiased.

Our fourth Amendment never allowed soldiers to go from home to home or computer to computer looking for “something”. Searches are granted only for specific places, people or items. Question is do we trust the NSA and the fisa judges? There is nothing uniquely different about the human beings that work there or the ones working at the DOJ or the IRS, power and greed tempts them all equally. Where do we draw the line between security and safety and whom do we trust to carry it out?

What kind of a guy is Ed Snowden? We do know that he was willing and passionate enough to put everything on the line, his career, money, reputation and jail time to expose the truth and vulnerabilities of this program. With no for-seeable incentive except to protect the everyday people’s civil rights which is way more than our President or Congress ever demonstrated they are willing to do for us.

He explains that he has no special skills or intelligence over the rest of us and he easily accessed this data that our President is saying isn’t there and is locked up tighter than Ft. Knox proving again that our President is not being truthful. Our President took an oath to uphold ALL the constitution. Snowden chose to expose those secrets because they violated our Constitutional Rights and he didn’t want to be party to it.

I believe he saw the 99.7% approval rate of the fisa judges in court giving more power to the govt. without representation of the people. I believe he saw how the IRS, ATF, DOJ, and other agencies of the govt. were swayed by bonuses and promotions when they fell in line and did the Governments bidding that our President set the tone for. I believe he saw the bias of rights given to Muslim Terrorists (Boston Bombers) whom this program was tailored for.

I believe him when he says that he was concerned about how secretly the govt. has spread a dragnet over this country to data mine our information. We all saw how the Left got the people out to vote and won through Google’s Data mining and a few faulty machines. I believe that he is not a traitor or hiding from justice but unveiling criminality through his First Amendment right while it still exist. Remember he blew the whistle on himself.

In conclusion at this point not a martyr or a spy, just an old fashioned whistleblower who still believes this country could save itself if it will wake up, now that it hears the alarm, and not continue to hit the snooze button…