Or a whole lot better.

Conditions in Washington will “be even worse” if Democrats lose the midterm elections, first lady Michelle Obama warned supporters at a voter registration event on Monday in Atlanta. Frankly, if we lose these midterm elections, it’s going to be a whole lot harder to finish what we started,” the first lady said, predicting “behavior that just wastes time and wastes taxpayer dollars.”
“We’ll just see more conflict and more obstruction, more lawsuits and talk about impeachment, more votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or even shut the government down,” she said.

The first lady went on to attribute opposition to her controversial school lunch program to partisan politics in Washington. House Republicans want to loosen restrictions requiring schools to serve meals with less sodium, whole grains, and reduced sugar and fat, saying the requirements are straining school budgets — and that children aren’t interested in eating the healthier meals.

“That’s really saying something,” Obama said. “I mean, for most folks in this country, making sure that our kids get decent nutrition isn’t all that controversial, because as parents, there is nothing we wouldn’t do for our kids -— nothing.”

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