Taxation without representation certainly is tyranny, yet precisely this is introduced by democrats who give power to the unpropertied classes: men of property, the rampart of a state, are abandoned to be plundered at the discretion of the ochlocracy (mob).

Thirty two years ago I attended a high school named after the man who furnished the quote above, former Vice President John C. Calhoun. While I deplore Calhoun’s attempted philosophical defense of slavery, the quote above certainly seems quite prescient in light of the fiscal cliff vote of last evening.

In the first place, the entire fiscal cliff discussion has been amazingly unserious. Even from our current crop of politicians I expected more leadership than this! Can we actually even be talking about increasing spending in any area with our current deficits? Unfortunately, yes we have just had such a ridiculous discussion and the answer according to Congress is a resounding…YES! Yes to more spending and more taxes! The fiscal cliff was a manufactured crisis in order for BOTH parties to exert more power over American citizens and to get their greedy grubby hands on more of our income.

A handful of conservatives in the House, as well as Rubio and Paul in the Senate, made a valiant stand against this disgrace of a bill, which will create $42 in new taxes for every dollar it “cuts”, but they simply didn’t have the numbers to turn the tide. Meanwhile, legitimate conservatives coming into the Senate such as Ted Cruz, have not been sworn in yet and thus were unable to vote against the senate measure. Cruz did write on Facebook,”Sadly, the Senate began 2013 by passing $620 billion in new taxes and just $15 billion in spending ‘cuts’ mere minutes after the bill was drafted…Meanwhile, the real crisis — spending money we don’t have and jeopardizing our children’s future — remains totally unaddressed.”
However, due to Obama’s stranglehold on ninety percent of the media, conservatives continue to be painted as the villains in this entire childish mess. This could be offset if the Republican Party had leaders that could articulate conservatism and explain why our principles are the best and most fair for the most people. But Boehner and McConnell are incapable of speaking boldly against the President and Harry Reid because they themselves are not conservatives and they do not understand what Calhoun was talking about.
The Democrats are easy to figure out. They are simply insatiable in their thirst for power and your money. As expected, they immediately used the new taxes to buy off more Democrat supporters by extending unemployment benefits anther year (rather than cut taxes which would create jobs and thus render unemployment benefit extensions unnecessary) and by extending wind subsidies that are counterproductive to our energy needs and our economy.

The thing that I cannot get my mind around, is how politically incompetent and managerially ineffective the Republicans are. Boehner, McConell, McCain, Graham and company, are in some ways worse than the Democrats. At least the Democrats ideologically believe that they know better than everyone and that they must control our lives. The Republicans can only trace their support of this bill to their own cowardice and an unwillingness to speak truth to those who are the beneficiaries of the spending.

The Republicans KNOW that continued deficit spending is wrong. They know that the current progressive tax system is inherently unfair and they know that as Calhoun says above that they are leaving those who have property (including homes), those who have built businesses, those who have been successful, to be plundered by the mobs that receive government largess. Yet these same Republicans stand dumbly by and allow Harry Reid to use codespeak like, “We want to extend tax cuts for the middle class.” In point of fact, Reid despises the Bush tax cuts and always has. He doesn’t want to extend any tax cut. He only wants to extend the taxes he can levy. That’s what this bill did and that is what this entire mock debate has been about. In the end, Obama, Reid and Pelosi got everything they wanted, and the Republicans may as well have stayed at home.

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