Illegal immigration is front and center again. Webster’s Definition of ILLEGAL is: not according to or authorized by law ; UNLAWFUL, ILLICIT; not sanctioned by official rules.

By definition those here illegally have broken the laws of our land. This fact should not be ignored, but it is. If people illegally enter Canada or Mexico they are faced with fines, detention, and deportation. In Mexico illegal immigration is an offense punishable by up to two years in prison for the first time, up to 10 years in prison the second time, along with a fine of up to $450. In addition, immigrants who want to enter legally are admitted based on their potential to “contribute to the national progress.” These legal immigrants—although wanted—must have sufficient financial resources to support themselves. Showing up and collecting benefits without contributing to society is not allowed. Mexico also prohibits noncitizens from participating “in the political affairs of the country.” No protests and no voting allowed for noncitizens!
So to summarize, someone who is illegally in Mexico, who forges documents (identity theft), or takes a job, is not allowed to protest and will face fines, jail, deportation, or a combination of the three.

It is also interesting that in Mexico all immigrants must provide proof of their legal status if the authorities demand it. Failure to do so will result, once more, in fines, jail, deportation, or a combination of the three. It is amazing that our politicians will not enforce U.S. immigration laws that are lax compared to Mexico’s, but see no problems with Mexico’s laws.
With an abundance of drug traffic violating as well as illegal aliens violating the sovereignty of the United States from the south, the American people should be outraged. When you realize that many illegal’s are being used as mules and robbed by the smugglers and drug cartels that they have paid to smuggle them into the U.S., why are our politicians doing nothing. When you consider the amount of drugs that are making it into our country to poison our children and that adults are easily getting due to our porous borders you have to ask: Where is law enforcement? When you look at the number of young children and women being abused, raped, and at times murdered by the smugglers or corrupt Mexican soldiers and you see our president, Attorney General, and liberals fighting against enhanced border security you have to ask: Who is really waging a war on woman and children? As the politicians continue to speak out of both sides of their mouths you have to wonder if they really want to fix the problem or just allow it to continue as a way to broaden their voter base.

Understand I do not have a problem with anyone coming to the United States in search of a better life for themselves or their family. In fact as a college professor I am always humbled by the work ethic of those immigrants who truly want to be American citizens, get a good education, and contribute to this great nation—legally. Politicians like to talk about fast tracking illegal immigrants. Why fast track individuals who have broken the law? Citizenship is not a right. Like the Greeks and Romans it should be treated as a privilege. The success of the Greek and Roman societies was attributed to the fact that the people spoke the same language, had the same religion, and citizenship was a privilege—not a guaranteed right. To be a citizen you had to earn the privilege. What we can learn from this is that there is nothing wrong with a society requiring those who wish to be part of the citizenry to adhere to certain standards. We cannot mandate religious worship; however we can require a common language and requirements for earning citizenship. Why not require people to learn the English language? Why not have people adhere to our laws and standards?

The people who are here illegally have already shown that they have no problem with violating our immigration law, so why not make them prove they will respect the rest of the laws of our society. I suggest that to find out how many politicians are really serious about resolving the Illegal immigrant problem, we take the following simple steps to fix it and eliminate the financial burden on the U.S.

1. Enforce the current laws on the books and secure the borders! If a boat has a leak, the leak never gets smaller and more water will continue to flow in until the hole is fixed. We don’t need to repair the borders we need to close them and get people to respect our sovereignty.

2. Everyone who is here illegally will be pipelined behind everyone already legally in the system. They cannot earn citizenship until all legal immigrants in the system have been processed.

3. Because they have broken the law there should be some type of penalty. I propose that they not be eligible to vote for at least 12 years, (2 Senate cycles), and be scrutinized during this period. If politicians are truly interested in the well-being of illegal aliens instead of just gaining their votes, they should have no problem with requiring them to earn their voting privilege. However, if it is about creating a new underclass of Democrat voters the Liberals will scream and fuss about this provision. (If they honorably serve in the military for 6 years they earn the right to vote and become a citizen)

4. If the immigrants get in trouble with the law during the 12 year waiting period they are to not be granted citizenship and should be deported.

5. Students who have gone to our colleges are required to put their education to use in the United States and are not allowed to go out of country after graduation with the “Intellectual Capitol” gained at U.S. taxpayer expense.

The real question on the table is do we really want to fix the broken immigration process, or allow dishonest politicians to steal more votes.