On Thursday, Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that will require all U.S. flags used by the government to be manufactured in the United States.

Scott signed the All-American Flag Act on June 11, which requires all government entities that use American flags, from city to county to state offices, to purchase all flags from American manufacturers.

Some Republicans initially opposed the law, saying the idea was protectionist and anti-capitalist and that government entities should be able to shop for the best deals on flags. Many others, though, said they did not want their governments supporting China’s industries.

Rep. John Tobia (Melbourne Beach-R) was one who opposed the idea. “Let me tell you what the flag does not stand for: anti-government, anti-competitive practices, government mandates and wasteful spending for tax dollars,” he said.

Despite the debate, the bill easily passed both the Florida House and Senate. The votes were 110 yeas to two nays in the House and 38 yeas to one nay in the Senate.

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