Have you ever really thought about the backward logic used by so many liberals and Democrats today? Perhaps the most backward logic they use is to point to tragic events like Sandy Hook Elementary School to support their argument for more and stricter gun control.

My heart goes out to the parents of the six and seven-year-old kids who were slaughtered by a deranged individual by the name of Adam Lanza. He entered the school, armed to the teeth and began shooting kids and adults. When it was all over, 20 young kids and 6 adults were dead. Prior to the horrible shooting, Lanza shot and killed his mother. It wasn’t until the first responders finally arrived, that Lanza turned his gun on himself, shooting himself in the head and taking the coward’s way out.

No one can think or talk about what happened at Sandy Hook without fighting back a tear or trying to swallow that lump in one’s throat. But the lesson learned from Sandy Hook is the exact opposite than what liberals and Democrats preach. They want to ban guns and make everywhere into gun free zones, but that’s backwards.

Why did Lanza select this school? He knew it was a gun free zone and that there would be no one there to stop him. When help finally did arrive, about 4 minutes after receiving the first 9-1-1 call, it still took police another 5 minutes before they entered the school. That gave Lanza 9 minutes to carry out his murderous assault and then end his life.

What would have happened if several of the teachers and staff had been trained and carried concealed weapons? No one can answer that question, but chances are, some of those young kids would be celebrating their double-digit birthdays and perhaps some of the teachers killed would also still be alive.

What happens if you turn a bright light on outside at night in the summer? It attracts unwanted guests – insects and critters that feed on insects. Gun free zones act the same way, they attract unwanted attention in the form of pests like Lanza. Just look at how many mass shootings have taken place in gun free zones.

Fortunately, there are some intelligent people left in America who see the backward logic used by liberals and Democrats. Some states like Ohio have passed laws to allow school districts to protect students by consenting to have teachers and faculty be properly trained and permitted to be armed on campus during school hours. As soon as that law passed, the training facilities were inundated with applications from hundreds of educators wishing to be able to prevent another Sandy Hook from happening at their schools.

Sadly, Florida is not as protective for their kids as Ohio, but some of that may be changing. House Bill 849 made it through a subcommittee last week. The bill, if passed, would allow private schools with a religious institution on-site, to decide for themselves if they want to allow armed security guards on campus and or legal concealed carry weapons.

According to one source:

“Private schools with a religious institution on-site could decide for themselves if they want to allow armed security or concealed guns on their property, under a proposal that got preliminary approval from a House subcommittee on Wednesday.”

“The measure (HB 849) from Polk County Republican Rep. Neil Combee would carve out certain religious private schools from the Florida law that prohibits anyone except law enforcement officers from carrying guns in K-12 schools and colleges and universities, regardless of whether those schools are public or private.”

“Combee said houses of worship — such as churches, mosques or synagogues — that also have a daycare or school on their property cannot have armed security, because doing so would violate the state’s ban on guns in schools and certain other “gun-free” zones.”

“Under his bill, those religious private schools would be treated like any other private property, where the property owner can determine whether to allow concealed weapons. Combee’s bill was amended Wednesday by the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee so that it applies only to ‘private school property if a religious institution … is located on the property.’ The bill passed 10-2, with Democratic Reps. Sharon Pritchett, of Miami Gardens, and Ramon Alexander, of Tallahassee, opposing it.”

It’s about time someone in Florida begins to take measures to protect our most cherish things in the world – our kids.

What I would really like to see is for the Republican controlled Congress to pass laws to allow all teachers and faculty members to be properly trained, certified or permitted to carry concealed weapons on school campuses around the nation.

I’ve pointed this out many times that high ranking politicians like the Obamas, sent their girls to schools that had a number of armed guards on site during school hours. Some argue it’s because of their positions, but aren’t our kids and grandkids just as important and precious to us as Obama’s are to him? If politician’s kids deserve armed protection at their school, then our kids should have the same comfort of protection.

Hooray for Rep. Combee and I say don’t stop there. Introduce bills to include all schools so that all kids can be protected from crazies like Lanza.