Foreigners are 13 percent of the population in the United States, the U.S. Census Bureau reported last week.

The Los Angeles Times reported that 13 percent, or 40 million persons out of about 300 million, is the largest number of foreign born since 1920. Not surprisingly, the largest cohort of foreigners are Mexicans and Latin Americans.

Correlating a report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform to that of the Census Bureau shows that those states with the highest number of foreigners also spend the most on illegal aliens.

The Data

The Foreign Born Population in the United States: 2010” does not divulge how many of the foreign born are illegal aliens, but it does show what most people would suspect: Mexicans are the largest group of foreign born.

“The foreign-born population from Latin America was the largest region-of-birth group, accounting for over half (53 percent) of all foreign born (Table 2),” the report said.

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