Four years ago, then-Sen. Barack Obama ran for the White House as the foreign policy novice — both in the Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, and the general election against John McCain.

That inexperience, it turned out, proved not to be an Achilles’ heel.

Monday night, as commander in chief, Obama goes toe-to-toe in the third and final debate with Mitt Romney, and takes the stage as the supposed pro — or as Romney surrogate John Sununu put it, Obama “thinks this is his sweet spot.”

But a close look at Obama’s four years of setting and managing America’s foreign policy leaves many his successes open to interpretation — and even more goals unfulfilled. Usama bin Laden is dead, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are drawing to a close, but the administration has not struck a Middle East peace plan, has not yet broken Iran’s nuclear determination with sanctions and has been challenged on its claims that Al Qaeda is “on the run.”

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