Not surprisingly, the Fast and Furious scandal languishes. Though it is unequivocally clear: a) that the Attorney General intentionally committed perjury; b) that the program broke laws that resulted in the murder of two federal agents and dozens of Mexican citizens; c) that the program was planned and executed with the knowledge of, and at the direction of high administration officials, likely including the Fraud-in-the-White House; c) that the purpose of the program was to create the illusion of massive illegal transfer of weapons from the U.S. into Mexico, to justify imposing draconian gun control laws; and d) that Hilary Clinton and the State Department were deeply involved, too; nothing of substance appears to be being done about it.

Of course, all this is to be expected from an administration and a party dominated by avowed radical Marxists, and neo-fascists, at least, it is to be expected by those with IQs over room temperature, who are at least minimally in touch with reality. However, it appears most of our elected Republicans don’t fall into this category. Their unconscionable, indefensible silence speaks volumes.

At a time when America is under the jackboot heel of the most corrupt regime in all of her history, the near total lack of a response — much less a meaningful, principled one — from Republicans is the real dange. The best they can do is mumble that maybe the Attorney General should “quit.” Does anyone remember the Democrat frenzy over Alberto Gonzales? His crime was that he acted legally, but did something Democrats didn’t like. He was lucky they didn’t lynch him. The Obama-Soetoro/Holder/Clinton cabal is very likely to be complicit in crimes that resulted in murder, and Republicans seem nearly ready to apologize for pointing it out.

With no serious opposition to stand up for constitutional government and the rule of law, and growing frustration engendered in the White House by the realization that they are losing support even with Democrats, we are in danger of allowing a situation to develop where the Obama-Soetoro administration and their Marxist allies in Congress will be panicked into a desperate attempt hold onto power by canceling the 2012 elections and imposing a one-party, totalitarian dictatorship.

Obama-Soetoro needs to be impeached, and the people responsible for Fast and Furious need to be identified and brought to trial. Arab Spring? No, we need an Obama autumn!

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