It’s all too “old news” to hear about couples we know getting divorced because they just “weren’t feeling it” anymore. They “forgot” why they loved their spouse in the first place.  I’m rarely shocked by anything. We’re fickle – we, humans. And we’re sinners. So, broken marriages resulting from stale “feelings” for each other isn’t the least bit far fetched.

Christians can relate to this feeling – spiritually, if they’re honest. You find God, He saves you, you love Him, and then what? Then, you either take off running, or you backslide. And, truthfully, even if you do take off running, you will have dry seasons – seasons when you just seem to forget who God is and what He’s done in your life.

I recently got involved in a Bible study on Gideon by Priscilla Shirer – that set a scene so strikingly similar to where we are as a nation. The first week of this study, we discussed the culture and time period of when Joshua ruled over the Israelites. He literally walked on dry land, straight through the Red Sea that God split in half. When He was hungry, he actually ate the food that God dropped from the sky (manna). So, obviously, Josh taught his people about all the crazy-awesome things God had done. But, how typical that it only took ONE generation removed from all that, in the promised land, flowing with milk and honey, for the people to forget about God and all He’d done.

Moving away from the Bible-talk, think about America and freedom. Our generation has been enjoying the milk and honey of the freedom America offers for so long, that we’ve stopped teaching our kids where that freedom came from. Just like the people in Gideon’s time who forgot their God and turned to worldly pleasures, we Americans have forgotten what bondage looks like. We’ve forgotten how easy it is to lose our freedom. And, we’re losing it because the younger generation is completely ambivalent.

They didn’t grow up fighting over tattered Bible pages, hidden under a floorboard. They grew up with the free Bible app that they never open. They didn’t pack their families into boats and cross the ocean on the off-chance that their kids could worship freely, study what as they wish, and build something for themselves. They grew up listening to their parents bicker about which flat screen to hang in the guest bedroom.

We’ve become a nation of young, spoiled brats. I can say that lovingly because I’m one of those spoiled brats. I’m still in my twenties and most every twenty year old I know doesn’t give two rat’s bum cheeks about what’s happening in this country or outside of their own twitter feed. I was like that, until I began to get informed.

No matter what generation you’re a part of, you have a responsibility to pour into the younger generation. We Americans have become such isolationists – so enjoying the freedom that cost so many men and women their lives, that we don’t even reach out to people anymore.

It’s so easy to get discouraged and I know so many conservatives who think our country is just “too far gone,” but we CAN’T give up. We just can’t. If we do, then we are to blame for the end of America as we once knew it – land of the free and home of the brave.