In a strange reversal, the man who used to be responsible for keeping our Facebook information private and secure is now working for the National Security Agency, the government agency currently under scrutiny over its information-gathering practices.

Max Kelly left Facebook in 2010, where he had been Chief Security Officer and headed for the NSA.

Kelly’s move from the world’s largest social network to the world’s largest spying agency suggests a commonality in the aims of both the government and Silicon Valley – acquire and exploit large amounts of personal information about Americans.

Kelly would have been working at Facebook when the company joined the NSA’s Prism program, and it seems the government is actively seeking technology and hacking experts.

‘In its recruiting in Silicon Valley, the N.S.A. sends some of its most senior officials to lure the best of the best. No less than Gen. Keith B. Alexander, the agency’s director and the chief of the Pentagon’s Cyber Command, showed up at one of the world’s largest hacker conferences in Las Vegas last summer… His main purpose at Defcon, the conference, was to recruit hackers for his spy agency,’ reports The New York Times.

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