We share this facebook post that is making it’s way around about the Ted Kennedy tribute:

I just love how the democrats attack the Republicans and falsely accuse them of having a “war against women” and then they do a tribute to Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy!?! Seriously?

Teddy: The womanizing, philandering, drunken, murder that let Mary Jo Kopechne slowly drown to death? The poor girl used her bare hands to claw the roof of his car trying to get air after he crashed it off a bridge.

He then leisurely got himself out, walked back to the party to talk to his lawyer about the accident and then went back to his hotel, went to bed without calling the police… all while her body was left in HIS car, lifeless.

Yes, let’s celebrate a philandering, drunken, womanizing murder and then claim that we care more about women. Talk about a bunch of self-righteous, holier-than-thou bigots. There are more hypocrites at the DNC party than at any church that I have ever been to. And I have visited some confused churches in my life.

And then from the Washington Examiner:

Democrats have adopted the one-word slogan “Forward” to describe President Obama’s re-election campaign and the party’s philosophy in general. All the speakers on the convention’s first night made some sort of reference to it. But for a party that is so intently focused on the future, the biggest, loudest, and most emotional moment of the night came not when the delegates welcomed one promising face of the future (keynote speaker Julian Castro), nor the face of the present (First Lady Michelle Obama), but instead when the crowd watched a video tribute to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, who would have run for president 40 years ago, in 1972, had he not suffered the political effects of fleeing and failing to report a fatal auto accident, and did run for the White House 32 years ago, in 1980, when he unsuccessfully challenged a sitting Democratic president.

The Kennedy tribute had an impact not only because the late Massachusetts lawmaker and his family remain Democratic gods. It was also perfectly pitched for the current campaign because the video producers threw in a few clips from 1994, when Kennedy ran against one Mitt Romney and hit his Republican challenger with one putdown after another in their debate. With each Kennedy zinger, the crowd roared. Some observers thought the inclusion of the Romney segment injected an overly partisan note in a nostalgic tribute, but it’s hard to imagine that the old partisan warrior Kennedy would have objected to his memorial video doubling as an attack ad.

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