Yesterday, Barack Obama tried to shrug off another of the burgeoning scandals in Washington during a joint press conference with UK PM David Cameron. Allowing the US press just one question, Obama called on the AP’s Julie Pace, and probably regretted doing so almost immediately. (It could have been worse; had it been later in the day, she probably would have asked him why he wanted to look at her phone records.) Pace managed to offer a multi-tiered question, one portion of which asked Obama why the post-Benghazi talking points got massaged so heavily as to remove any hint that the consulate had been attacked by terrorists.

Obama responded by falling back on the myth of his own making:

“The day after it happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism.”

Glenn Kessler objects, giving the statement four Pinocchios in the Washington Post today. The Rose Garden speech, Kessler reports — again — addressed terrorism in general, not the Benghazi attack. Over the next several days, Obama had three opportunities to call it a terrorist attack, but declined to do so.

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