He gets paid whether he does a good job or not should be one.
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President Obama hasn’t made a dent in his second-term legislative agenda and has seen his poll numbers plummet in a difficult first year of his second term.

For the first time in his presidency, fewer Americans trust and like him, raising serious questions, even among his supporters, about whether he can make anything of his final three years in office.

White House allies—including Obama’s most staunch supporters—acknowledge the trouble plaguing the administration.

“There’s no way to fudge it, it’s been a pretty bleak year for the president,” said one former senior administration official. “It hasn’t been victory after victory. In fact, the bright spots have been hard to discern.”

As bad as things have been, however, Obama has a handful of things to be thankful for, and hopeful that he can still turn around his second term.

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