Teachers’ unions have boycotted, banned and decried some odd things this year — from hotels to office supply stores to Coca-Cola.

Here’s our list of some unexpected things that lit a flame under teachers’ unions in 2014, and what has happened since:
1. Coca-Cola

One of the largest teachers unions in the U.S., the American Federation of Teachers, banned one America’s favorite beverages from its’ facilities and events. The organization cited human rights violations.

2. Staples

AFT boycotted the office supply mega store earlier this year in response to the store’s decision to sell stamps. The union said Staples stamp-selling would jeopardize 80,000 postal workers’ jobs.

3. Time magazine

After Time magazine ran a cover story about bad teachers with the headline: “Rotten Apples,” AFT was outraged and started a petition demanding an apology.

4. Hotels

The United Teachers of Los Angeles switched the hotel for their leadership conference to show solidarity with members of a local labor union.

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