Sadly, while this is outrageous and needs to stop, it’s no longer that surprising!
Check it out:

It seem like the purpose of Common Core is to create a generation of students who will vote for progressive politicians and support progressive causes.

Via EAG News:

The mandated increase in “informational texts” called for in the Common Core national standards has opened up a word of possibilities for classroom activists who wish to present politically radical ideas to their students.

Fourth graders in New York’s Lakeland Central School District – and their parents – found that out when Jessica Fiorillo’s son brought home a reading that turned out to be taken directly from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) website. Word for word.

This is not unusual for Common Core reading texts. While the idea is for students to learn how to comprehend what they read, the texts are frequently left-wing political statements that many believe are designed to influence their opinions.

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