Unlike previous presidents, Barack Obama has refused to release to the public his school transcripts and other personal records, but a Fox News host thinks a new Harvard Law School course called “Understanding Obama” presents him with the perfect opportunity to begin making amends.

In a discussion about the Harvard course on the Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” co-host Andrea Tantaros playfully suggested a little transparency on Obama’s part would provide some of the insight the course promises.

“Obama was a lawyer for only 18 months, and if they really want us to understand him, maybe Harvard should release his transcript that he spent $200,000 trying to keep away from us,” she said.

Tantaros, who joined Fox News Channel in April 2010 as a political contributor, had senior communications roles for a number of Republican campaigns and served as press secretary to Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As WND has reported, along with his Harvard transcripts, Obama has refused to release numerous other records that could help resolve lingering doubt about his presidential eligibility. Lawsuits challenging his eligibility have demanded release of his personal records, but Obama has spent a considerable sum of money to defeat them.

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