In a short period of time, freshman Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has proven to supporters back home and throughout the Nation that he is a shining example of an anti-establishment Republican. By following through with his campaign promises with fierce conviction, Cruz continues to gain supporters; but for his efforts, the Republican Party elite loathe the Senator.

Late last month, Foreign Policy published an article about Cruz titled “The Most Hated Man in the Senate,” which in some places reads more like a hit piece than a story about a man following through with campaign promises and holding true to his convictions. The author explains that Cruz’s Constitutional views and conservative economic ideas irritate mainstream Republicans and Democrats equally.

From the FP article:

Not surprisingly, the freshman from Texas has irritated Democrats. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Calif., described him as “arrogant” and “patronizing” after the new arrival offered the 20-year Senate veteran a lesson on the Constitution during a debate over assault weapons. He’s also been a headache for GOP leaders, expressing reluctance to back fellow Texas Republican John Cornyn for minority whip on the grounds that he had to make sure the candidate he supported would “stand and fight for conservative principles.” (National Journal ranked Cornyn as the second-most conservative member in the pre-Cruz Senate last year.)

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